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Healing Minds - A ladies event focusing on Mental Health & Well-Being

  • Hotel Mercure Milton Keynes The Approach Two Mile Ash, MK8 8LY United Kingdom (map)

Healing Minds is a ladies only event focusing on mental health and well-being. The event will take place in a traditional country house hotel set in a beautiful and tranquil location. 

Healing Minds Event Milton Keynes

This is a chance for women who may have suffered/are suffering from mental health issues, depression, trauma or for those who are just needing upliftment to hear from and engage with trained counsellors, life coaches and well-being experts. The talks delivered will focus on understand depression and its causes, trauma, anxiety, natural therapies and cures. There will be a Q&A session and a chance to network. We hope all those attending will leave the event feeling uplifted and anyone suffering with mental health issues will realise that they are not alone and there is lots of help available.

Short bios on our guest speakers;

Aaliyah Shaikh is the founder of Rahmah Counselling, she is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Educator, Thinker and advocate for gender and social justice. She holds a MEd in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling from University of Cambridge (thesis title: An unconscious alchemy of the womb: How women’s (psychosocial and spiritual) experiences and feelings regarding menstruation and birth affect their attachment relationship with their child) and a MA in Muslim Community Studies from University of Loughborough in conjunction with Markfield Institute of Higher Education. Aaliyah worked as the youngest employed Muslim female Chaplain from the age of 24 for Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, St Mary’s Hospital for 6 years before training as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. She has also studied psychodynamic counselling at University of Leicester and has a Post graduate Diploma in Social Sciences amongst various other courses. Aaliyah founded Rahmah Counselling in 2012 and offered the first In-Schools Counselling project for Muslim schools in the UK as well as general counselling for the community. She specialises in trauma, and the time in the womb as impacting later life development. She is interested in neuroscience, demedicalisation of birth, attachment, psychology of pain, and the role of patriarchy in women’s health. Aaliyah is a strong advocate for natural health, unschooling, natural parenting and environmentally friendly living. Her passion is in encouraging women to reclaim their bodies and choices from culture, patriarchy and medicalisation and to contribute to education and awareness on understanding mental and physical health and well-being with a deep sense of compassion.

Mayameen Meftahi is a registered Psychotherapist practitioner (Qualified MASC P.Th.) the founder of The Tulip Trust and NLP Life Skills Coach. she is passionate in all aspects of empowering women through education and supporting women to obtain a healthy personality without self-criticism or negativity, to lead them to the path of self-progression. Mayameen is a trained FGM Awareness Specialist and FGM Trainer, she has a passion for this specialised area having been through something very similar. she strives to support and address the controversial issues affecting our women and girls.  she hopes to play a major role in educating and eradicating Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Tackling the Taboo.

Wajeeha Amin is a Relationship coach and Wellbeing Expert. She takes a holistic approach to wellbeing that encourages self-belief and equips clients with the tools to continue unlocking their potential long after their sessions end. Much of Wajeeha’s coaching work is adapted to suit the needs of each client, incorporating personal and professional values in an engaging and effective way, utilising Psychotherapeutic counselling, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to understand the connections between physical and mental wellbeing. Over the last 15 years Wajeeha has worked in varied roles ranging from working within the NHS, social care and education settings, as well as in private practice.

Leyla Habebti is the spokesperson for Inspirited Minds, a humanitarian and a survivor. Her journey through life has been a daily battle where she has self-taught to conquer each day. She is honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with Inspirited Minds and help to not just highlight but bring out the stigma surrounding Mental Health and work together as a team to fight this battle of the mind. ‘It’s the broken ones with shattered hearts, whose souls are pierced with love… it’s the broken ones that I love’

Come and join us for an evening of inspiration! Refreshments will be provided. 

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