RunwaySara K

KTZ AW14 Collection at London Fashion Week

RunwaySara K

It’s the opening day of London Fashion Week (LFW) and to get in the mood l’m looking back at the last LFW AW14. I stumbled across KTZ and no your not seeing things it’s that classic Asian style embroidered and mirror fabrics.

I first came across similar mini mirror and embroidered fabric in my mums suitcase when l was 9 years old. It was hideous - too traditional, bright pink and too much going on. Mum even has the dupatta to match. l remember thinking hat a fashion disaster. Then in 2010 my mum, sister and me went traveling to Asia (girlie holiday) and they tried to get me to buy the mirrored fabric as it was back in fashion. I refused as it wasn’t my style and the fabrics and suits they were showing me and to much going on - casual and party wear. It was like l was living in the dark ages of Asian fashion and if most of you know me you’ll know l love Asian fashion with a more modern and western fusion. 

Just recently, l came across KTZ AW14 collection which was showcased at London Fashion Week, l was shocked and pleasantly supraised! The messages to my brain shouted OMG look at that sexy modern fusion, British designer KTZ has transformed the fabric l hated and instantly fell in LOVE! 

There’s a big difference between the traditional Asian collections l was pushed to buy and western designers such as, KTZ’s fashion. My mums and sisters were all mirrored, only salwaar was plain and it was a contracting pink which l would of looked like a christmas tree. Where as, KTZ use two to three similar colours in one garment and that one garment acts as a statement piece which blow you away. 

It just goes to show - colour, design and simple tailoring goes a long way to looking amazing! KTZ has transformed my view of what l used to say was hideous! Thanks KTZ, you’ve converted me!

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