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Balmain X H&M Unleashed On Londoners

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Balmain X H&M Unleashed On Londoners

For nearly three months, Balmation has swept the nation and that day finally arrived. Yes, Balmain X H&M collaboration collection in London and I went over to Regent Street at 8 am to experience the buzz, not needing more outfits but on a mission to share the Balmain X H&M London journey with you all.

Balmain X H&M London

Journalists lined up outside to share the action, then ask the crowd some questions and off they went to do the feature. Not me, l had to be there for most of the day to be able to deliver the full experience. It's not just a job for me to get you the latest fashion news in London but deliver that buzz as if you were by my side on this crazy Balmation journey.

Like most fashion Bloggers, Press and Fashion Editors I've been following the story since H&M made the announcement a few months. And l wasn't the only one, most of the public who had been queuing in the front of the row had been waiting since 5 am and others 10 pm the following day.

To many it may seem madness that you can’t seem to get your head round but considering l do the whole Boxing Day sales religiously every year l can share some insight into a fashionistas crazy mind. 

French fashion house, Balmain is seen as the Michael Jackson or Elvis of music, Bugatti of all cars or the Shah Ruk Khan of movies. Plus famous celebs such as Kardashians are close friends with the innovative, refreshing, young and extremely handsome designer  (to many) of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing. 

And many of us wouldn’t spend 6999 GBP on designer garments the collaboration with H&M allowed Balmain fashion house to recreate limited pieces of his statement pieces and attach more appealing prices which are then accessible on the high street for an only day only special. 

It’s not just fashion for many but a lifestyle, owning a piece of luxury fashion, the piece of Balmain and his celebrity friends. 

As Olivier Rousteing said himself, such collaborations only happen maybe once every century (if ever). Many only dreamed of purchasing only even coming close his collection but at 80 to 799 GBP they were ready to rumble!

People queued around the building and a surge of excitement was in the air as the doors opened just shy of 9 am and the first batch were leashed, it was similar to seeing lions in a cage being unleashed for feeding time. Instead of food it was Balmain glore! 

As the first batched were unleashed on the collection, security tensed up and H&M staff let people in two by two, now we know what it was like for Noah and his Ark!

With their entry wristband on they were ready. Women ran up the stairs as if they were running the 100m for Usain Bolt!

After nearly three hours by early lunchtime, H&M closed doors and the lights went off with a sign stating the store was closed till further notice. The queues of people were confused; it was like watching a football match without the commentary. We could hear foreigners asking what was happening, but no one was quite sure. 

Although we were aware strong chances were the collection was sold out or someone had been hurt as the news was going round of crazy crowds trying to get in. The big bulky security guys were having no of it doors were closed and public were forced to wait patiently!

After having a spot of lunch, H&M lights were on and all the doors were open with people walking in and out freely. It was confirmed the Balmain stock had sold out and it was business as usual. It seemed it was just another busy day at H&M. 

With months of preparation, Balmania is over. As some go home feeling down as they didn't get their hands on Balmain others celebrate as they sell their purchases on eBay. Others wear in glory as if they won the lottery! It's not fashion, it's an emotional connection to a lifestyle and thanks to H&M may dreams have come true today. 

Now we can only start to predict the next designer collaboration H&M has in store for us. Till then ladies and gents Au Revoir!

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.