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Pakistani Music & Media Awards 2015

People & PartiesSara K
Pakistani Music & Media Awards 2015

Join us and celebrate Pakistani talent in the UK

Sid and I went over from Reading to Birmingham for the first year of the UK's Pakistani Music & Media Awards. We needn't of left early as it started fashionably late, with no seating plan. Well, it wouldn't be a Pakistani event without its glitches.  

Even with the downfalls you couldn't take away from the aim of the award ceremony. The show celebrates British Pakistani's contributions to the music and media space. For many of the media nominees it wasn't about winning for example, l bumped into Lyca Radio presenter, Ruby who was just glad to be attending and having a nice night. And l was excited to hear singer, songwriter and producer, Zack Knight. The only Asian artist l listened to and l didn't even know he was Pakistani or Asian. 

 What I wore to Pakistani Music & Media Awards 2015. An on-tend  Payal Singhal  inspired outfit with a touch of Karachi flavour.

What I wore to Pakistani Music & Media Awards 2015. An on-tend Payal Singhal inspired outfit with a touch of Karachi flavour.

While the ladies gather round the male musicians l sat back to enjoy the music, well after all they are just people. Although I'd made sure l snapped some photos of the performers and winners for all my blog readers. Some of the media winners were The Asian Today, Guzzy Bear and Noreen Khan. The eagerly anticipated segment was the music with winner including Shide Boss, Bilal Saeed, Imran Khan and Zack Knight scooping two awards. 

There were great performances from Jay Kadn, Bonafide and Soni-J who pleasantly surprised me. Although Zack Knight stole the show once again performing to a standing crowd towards the end of the ceremony! Well deserved as when l met him, l was surprised he was humble, kind to offer his time and down to earth. I don't know about you, but I'm not usually a crazy fan of male musicians, but there was certainly something about Zack Knight. Under the kind face, the ladies love is an infectious character with heart warming traits. A natural aura of just talking to someone with respect, making them feel comfortable and took an interest in fashion when l am sure he could have been busy celebrating with his friends. We need more inspirational, genuinely lovely musicians like Zack Knight in the UK. He's definitely one to watch when it comes to males fashion and music!

Overall Pakistani Music & Media Awards 2015 has its peaks and troughs. It was lovely to see Shide Boss who I'd listened to since he won Hollyoaks Unsigned competition. Plus it was lovely to celebrate with The Asian Today after writing for them for over a year and connect with people from all different backgrounds and day jobs. l always say it's the thought that counts so thanks Khiza for making it happen. 

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