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It was fashion, food and all smiles at a very special bloggers meet-up. I firstly want to thank Implausible blog for organising the meeting at stunning Searcys restaurant and bar in St Pancras station. I'd been looking forward to this bloggers meet as we all had been tweeting each other for quite some time and needed to meet. St Pancras was the perfect location as it was easy access to underground and train home! Not that l was evening thinking of going home as l was excited to meet everyone. 

 Safeera Sarjoo, Sara K, Imaad of The London Nikah, Farrukh and Shuggy from Implausible blog. 

Safeera Sarjoo, Sara K, Imaad of The London Nikah, Farrukh and Shuggy from Implausible blog. 

I pass through St Pancras never every week and l didn't even know in the midst of all the trains, huge station and beautiful surroundings lys a stunning bar and restaurant where you sit back relax and have a hot drink, mocktail, cold drink, any drink! Oh and dessert. Amongst this old train station stands the peak of beautiful modern trains and glass platforms. It was as if l was going to Hogwarts waiting on a very modern nine and three-quarters platform. For once l could appreciated the station.

The Bloggers Meet

Safeera, Imaad and myself were astonished by Searcys hospitality as we were seated we were greeted with champagne on ice! Sadly, none of us drink but l certainly wouldn't of minded Irn Bru on ice :D We were parched and the waiter was very kind and created us some amazing mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails).

This was the first time l had met with most of the individuals but the conversation flowed and it was as we always knew each other. And l do like to let my hair down (even when short), love a good laugh and like to be myself and l could for example, Pride London had come early as we all (especially Imaad from The London Nikah) admired Giovanni's mocktail and fashion attire. Plus it's great to get like minded bloggers like Safeera Sarjoo of Habibi Lifestyle who was a good blogger buddy of mines to mingle like this one we should do it more often! I must say great company does make a meet-up sweeter and eventful.

Let's Talk Dessert & Mocktails

Now let's get down to business... The dessert was impeccability presented including Giovanni :D It was fresh and just right from the sticky toffee pudding to the creme brulee. Furthermore the mocktails certainly hit the spot and left everyone waiting more. Not forgetting to mention the service was outstanding, Giovanni was very accommodating and made sure we were happy! 

Next time you're in St Pancras station, l would highly recommend visiting Searchys! Even if it's just to experience great customer service and dessert.

it certainly really was one of my favourite blogger meet-ups. Thanks for having us and being ever so kind Searchys we all loved the experience and will be back soon!

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