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A new era for the classic Asian jacket suit

TrendsSara K

A classic Indian and Pakistan outfit has to be the long jacket dress in South Asian culture. It’s a staple in most hard core Asian fashion lovers because never goes out of fashion.

As designers revamp the traditional Asian suit into modern times it's definitely a new era for the outfit. The South Asian celebrities and designers can be seen wearing their long jackets with straight cut trousers or skinny trousers, as known as churidar.

Long Asian jacket suit classic trend

The SECRET of this outfit is the cut, design and best suits tend to be tailored to your body shape. 

  • You can add collars
  • Add corded detailing
  • Long length jackets are ideal to pull off the graceful style
  • Combine colours that compliment each other
  • Create patterned trousers with plain silk jacket for a sexy spring/summer look 

Why not try creating one with heavy patterns on the front but keeping sleeves and back plain or vice versa. 

Who says you have to be a celebrity or fashion designer to look great everyday in Britain. 

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