TrendsSara K

Asian dress jackets on the high street

TrendsSara K

First it was kurta & kameez’s in Zara and now it’s Asian style dress jackets in River Island. 

The British high street are calling them long kimono’s, recent trend this summer but we traditionally know them as dress jackets we normally see with our 3-piece luxurious suits. Yes, it is a fashion must on the British high street and Asian fashion world. 

l spotted Kendal Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s sister) wearing what looks to be a combination of the kimono and Asian fashion jacket. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us. I partially loved how Kendal combined with her jeans, very fusion fashion.

Just visit River Island or tailor your own with your chosen fabric and sculpt it around your look at a eye-catching statement piece in your outfit.

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