Sara K

Boxing Day shopping madness!

Sara K
Boxing Day Oxford Street

We all love a good bargain. Many shopping lovers wait all year for the best sales time of the year aka BOXING DAY! 

If you get in quick, you’ll be sure to find some hidden gems and bargain prices. I must add, Boxing Days sales are not for light weights. 

Every year l prepare for the pre-Boxing Day shop by going online Christmas night because I try to get in there first before everything l want is ‘OUT OF STOCK’ during the day. Then Boxing Day l wake up early, wrap up warm and put my comfortable shoes on as l know l could be out there for sometime and l hit the high street.

The last few years l religiously visited my local town centre, The Mall Luton, Brent Cross and The Centre MK. It’s always rare to find parking spots, let alone rails full of clothes in my size.

For 2013 as a plan of action l thought it was time l visited Oxford Street, l had never been visited on boxing day and wanted to experience it. The bright lights, winter buzz and the feeding that feeling of grabbing a bargin. And I had all the pre years experience in my local shopping centres so l knew l was ready. I sound like l was running a shopping marathon, which to be fair looking back that's exactly what l've done. 

Anyway, l was hoping for more variety as there are bigger shops and more hidden treasures in Oxford Street. Plus you can just jump on the underground, so l would not have any car worries and more time to plan my Boxing Day shopping strategy.

Once l got on to central line the underground train was packed with people holding lots of bags. My sister, Mum and me were early so we were surprised to see people more crazy than us. Once we got to Oxford Street itself, we stepped out on the street and it was heaving with shoppers. You couldn't see much but buses, lines of people walking to and away from you. Even dodging was going to be a mission. Once we started following the line of shoppers down the street we knew where we needed to hit first - sounds like a shopping robbery plan.

First we went into one of my favourites, Mango. Ladies were nudging you out the way, grabbing what they could in their sizes, trying to push through and not to mention the ques to pay for your purchases were nearly down the store. I was quick to realise, l needed to rethink my strategy and get serious! No more Ms nice girl - get in there and grab!

Every fashion lover caught on to going into Zara like us and by mid day Zara's security had to stop people from entering the shop and form a orderly que going all the way out the street. Zara seemed to have fashion that would normally be out of stock online and not available in other shops and with our small sizes - l felt like l'd hit the jack pot. Even though it took me approximately 45 minutes to pay for my items, which l wasn't going to leave behind. Luckily my mum offered to stand in the que as my sister and me decided to look around (love Mummy always thinking of others.) 

We weren't the only ones, many qued outside Harrods and Selfridges overnight. In addition, 4000 spaces were reduced to 300 in a matter of hours at Westfield Shopping Centre’s. 

Even though the downsides were the amount of people in the shops, making it hard to manoeuvre around shops and feeling exhausted on the whole Oxford Street boxing day shopping was a great day out. l found items l wouldn't normally of found in my size in other shopping centres. In addition, it was lovely to see the Christmas lights and the buzz. Next time l would go early morning or late afternoon or evening when it seemed to be quieter.

Just remember Oxford Street shopping is not for the faint hearted as people from all over the world come for the boxing day sales. 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.