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Bringing the Asian fusion to the UK, Sana Safinaz’s Lawn Collection

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My mum loves Pakistani fashion designer Sana Safinaz and lawn so l had to do a blog dedicated to her for Mother’s Day. Mummee’s always been a fashion lover, she always tells me about the Asian fashion trends she was following when she was my age living in Asia. 

Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection

Yes, my mum’s as bad as me she says l could open a shop with the amount of clothes l have and l say the same about her. The garments in her wardrobe and suitcases could clothe the whole of Africa twice round. She was taking me through her collection of garments and I was shocked to find fabrics and trends they had 20 - 30 years ago creeping back on the catwalk now e.g. the fluffy fabricated jumpers on the high street, small ball ‘pomp pomp’ scarves and velvet salwaar kameez’s. 

I remember going to Asia for a girlie holiday with Mum and Sid 7 years ago and coming across lawn. Mum, Sid and me went shopping in the local town centre in Punjab and I’ll be honest l wasn’t a big fan due to the traditional salwaar kameez cut patterns and crazy colour lashes. I was encouraged to wear it due to the hot weather and l must admit it was one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever worn but l didn’t feel pretty. It must of been a psychological element, l felt fresh off the mango boat and l smelt it too :D I guess at the age of 18 l was used to wearing jeans, trousers and western clothes l was scared to be Asian. Plus the fabrics and fashion wasn’t modern but very traditional and l really wasn’t interested in olden day designs.

We visited Islamabad and Rawalpindi which had a wider collection of modern and western clothes but very pricey - £100’s + for a casual dress. Even then the clothes were not perfect, l imagined lovely modern western runway style fashion with a touch of eastern elements. 

When packing to come back to England, l was glad to leave the fresh Asian traditional clothes behind. It wasn’t me and didn’t make me happy. I loved creating fun, quirky clothes and being Sara! I never wanted to see or hear about boring and traditional lawn outfits.

Then, l came across Sana Safinaz’s Spring / Summer 2014 lawn collection featured at Pakistan Fashion Week. 

Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection

What makes Sana Safinaz different from others is they stick with 2 to 3 colours in the colour platte. They only chose the colours that go together and look sophisticated. The fusion of damask or floral patterns are very subtle and the dupatta’s  compliment the suit. 

I particularly admire the dress cut, frocks, long kameez’s and trouser suits.I was amazed by the patterns, colours and dresses. I wouldn’t mind wearing these outfits in the UK, cultural yet beautifully pictured in the images similar to the western theme :) Perfect for British Asian ladies wanting to look different yet comfortable in the Summer weather this year.

The label is an ideal choice for all you ladies who love fashion and wear head scarves as seen in the photo. You could incorporate the dupatta with your hijab as the scarf acts as a perfect head covering. Fashionable yet modest.

Sana Safinaz inspired me to include more Asian elements to my outfits and buy lawn fabric and design it how l want. It made me feel proud to be Asian. Mummee’s roots and passion for fashion is coming in handy ;)

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