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British Asian Fashion News April 2014

British Asian Fashion News #bafnews will be a regular addition to Sara K blog. It will be a monthly round-up of the fashion news important to British Asian’s. We’ve waited too long for UK media to give us the long awaited latest fashion news within the British Asian communities in the UK and overseas in South Asia. 

Well I trolled through Asian fashion news columns, social media and websites to deliver some interesting Asian fashion news just for all you lovely people, you deserve it.

April’s news blog features Faryal Makhdoom Khan, round-up of Asian Fashion Week to Pakistani designer HSY making leaps in Pakistan culture. Plus our British Asian treasure, designer Raishma launches her new and stunning east meets west inspired collection.

  • Raishma launches her new ready-to-wear collection

British Asian fashion label Raishma her new ready-to-wear collection this month. The collection includes Asian classics such as, churidars, kurta and trouser suits. Not to forget the wonderful eastern & western inspired party dresses.

'Asian women have the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion – being able to switch from Asian to Western fashion.' - Raishma.

Its a UK Asian fashion must for me, not many boutiques out there cater to the Asian Market in Britain. 

The garments are a wonderful addition, an Asian elegance you can wear in Britain without looking like a Christmas tree. Great work Raishma your an inspiration and we love it!

Its that time of the year fashionstas get ready, designer produce their best outfits and the media go mad. Yes, fashion weeks all round the world took place at the beginning of 2014, including the South Asian Fashion Week’s mentioned above. From bridal, party to casual wear you have to tune in for the latest fashion trends. 

Sara K blog reported on fashion week’s such as the one’s mentioned above and western world famous designer collections featured in fashion weeks such as, LondonMilan and Paris (Thursday).

Enjoy the Fashion Week blogs, much more of them to come :)

  • Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, a major player in Pakistani fashion scene goes from strength to strength. 

If you haven’t heard of this fashion designer, where have you been hiding. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) also known as the ‘New King of Couture’ by Harpers Bazaar is the creative mastermind behind Pakistani Designer label HSY. One of his many awards include ‘Best Couture Designer’ at DFW Dubai and Lux Fashion Designer of the Year. 

HSY is predominantly specialise in bridal couture and its best known for combining contemporary silhouettes with traditional techniques. Hassan’s distinctive Pakistani and Middle Eastern inspired designs mixed with western influences and refined cutting make it such a success since launching in 2000. He’s become a highly influential Asian fashion designer in Pakistan in such a short space of time.

He was one to watch at Karachi and PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week and l’m sure we will be seeing a lot of him from years to come.

In a country where women are finding it difficult to enjoy the full freedom in the way they dress, the Pakistani designer continues to fight barriers and push boundaries to give women the empowerment and freedom they deserve through his fashion. 

We have a lot of respect for this Pakistani fashion designer, he’s not just a designer but wants to truly make a change! 

  • BBC Asian Network’s Noreen Khan interviews Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom Khan

We see stunning photos of this lovely lady on social media but we want to know more about Faryal, the lady behind the beautiful photos and mesmerising fashion sense. 

BBC Asian Network finally opened the doors so we could find out more about the beautiful lady Fayral Makhdoom Khan herself; gain an insight into her life before marriage, after marriage (move from USA to Bolton) and her future plans. 

We found out facts that we didn’t know e.g. she went to Uni (studied Political Science and Journalism), very close to her religion, she doesn’t like Asian cuisine and she’s not into healthy eating! Yay, its nice to hear I’m not the only weird one.

Noreen Khan asks about her fashion sense, how she looks flawless and glamorous. She intends on releasing her own make-up line - yes, we need it in the UK Asian market. 

She touched upon the move from USA to UK, receiving negative comments from British Asians, judging her as a person and being unsupportive. She’s right we shouldn’t judge, we don’t know her and we should support each other as women. 

It’s genuinely great to finally hear from Faryal Makhdoom Khan herself, from listening to the interview she is a wonderful, straight forward, inspiring, sweet and humble young lady. Full support for Faryal from Sara K blog and hope all goes well with the pregnancy iA :)

Thanks BBC Asian Network!

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I’ll catch up with you tomorrow (l hope) - l still need to complete and publish some blogs for you including… Shepards Bush fashion, Paris and India Fashion Week blog. Have a fab weekend my beauties!

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