Runway, TrendsSara K

Celebrating 15 Years of Verstile Indian Fashion At Lakme Fashion Week

Runway, TrendsSara K

Growing up l always leaned to the British high street to cater to my fashion needs and it has always been limited. I have had to compromise and l can only imagine how you ladies feel.

Times are changing, as the modern British Asian Women evolves her fashion needs change and wardrobe expands with fashion for most occasions.

If your anything like me your looks changes depending on where your going that day and how you feel. For example, my work is as such l am luckily enough to have my dress down aka semi-formal days when l am not in meetings with clients. And I do have my dress down days during the weekend where l just want to wear some plain and simple casual tops and comfy trousers. And l know you ladies do the same and like to adapt your looks to the various occasions such as, family outings to meeting friends and dinner parties.

With us South Asians it's not about clubbing but outfits for serval occasions. We need fashion for work, dinner parties, family or friends weddings. And aside from all the above instances there's so much more like Eid/Diwali or going out with your partner or modest fashion is you have to go to your place of worship.

British Asian fashion should cater to the modern need of the evolving British woman but sadly it doesn't! We just about get office wear and casual wear with outlets like Zara and River Island. Again, l would have to say l still had to compromise before l started making my own fashion.

All is not lost ladies, one fashion week that caters to the Asian woman and the beauty of multicultural fashion is India's Lakme Fashion Week who have been showcasing versatile fashion in the last 15 years.

As Lakme Fashion Week celebrated 15 years of glorious Indian fashion, l want to deliver the versatile fashion styles and looks we don't get to see int he UK.

I have chosen my favourite collection from the latest Lakme Fashion Week, Summer Resort 2015. In this particular blog post l have chosen my favourite collection from each style segment e.g. casual, party, bridal, office wear and semi formal. I really hope it inspires and empowers you...

A Flare For Indian Office Wear?

South Asian office wear is like no other. Indian fashion designer brand Pankaj & Nidhi brought traditional British office wear cuts and splashes colour and dazzling symmetrical patterns.

If you want that Pankaj & Nidhi look the musts are as follows;

  • Work with symmetrical patterns!
  • Collar blouses shirts with dresses.
  • Three-quarter trousers are in,  knee length dresses and ankle dresses.
  • Use white as the base of your palette and work with colour or prints.
  • Sheer panel fabrics are a must!

Red Carpet Glamour

Where would we be without the peak of Indian couture glamour and who better to deliver just that than Anamika Khanna at the grand finale of Lakme Fashion Week summer/resort 15.

Now you can see why she's an award-winning designer known around the world for her breath-taking fashion!

If your getting married, money isn't an object l would highly recommend Anamia Khanna!

If you want the Anamika Khanna there's not much l can say but you will have to purchase from the lady herself! 

On the other hand if you don't want to spend thousands and thousands on your bridal l've got some tips to give to a red carpet, sophisticated and glamorous touch for every special occasion;

  • Use only luxurious fabrics such as silks, chiffons and other fabrics.
  • Play with draping fabrics and pinning your dupatta. 
  • Modern silk salwar with a waist belt
  • Embroidered jackets.
  • Long capes and  combine off the shoulder hi-low silk cape style tops with silk skirts.

Indian Bohemian Lady

Semi-formal Indian fashion is not as it was ladies! Tarun Tahiliani showed us a new way of combining modern Asian fashion twist. The Indian bohemian look is a big hit this summer. With all the ethnic touches such as the patterns, fabrics and textures Tarun Tahiliani highlighted l am sure it will become a classic look for the modern Asian woman! I can see it being a big hit with the modest fashion lovers too. 

For the Tarun Tahiliani look don't shy away from playing with colours and the following;

  • Indian patterned chiffon combined with complementary plain fabric silhouettes are a must!  
  • Accessories with Indian tribal style jewellery.
  • Layer fabrics ad add a waist belt to give your outfit shape.
  • Capes and jackets with tassels are in fashion this summer.
  • Transform the salwaar and combine with western trousers and it'll give you a modern Tarun Tahiliani look.
  • Play with your dupatta and turn it into a kimono cape!


Chill ladies the weekend not far for you to relax in your casual fashion after a session working out. Casual wear you can wear lounging at home on Sunday or for a walk in the sunny weather! Plus let's be honest this would not be a fashion blog without some sport style casual fashion us South Asian woman love to have in the wardrobe.

If you want some inspiration to recreate the very casual fashion looks Indian fashion brand Love Birds creates;

  • Long kameezes are in.
  • Chiffon trouser suits are a must.
  • Crop top and matching three-quarter trousers are the outfit to have!

Indian Party Princess

Special occasions fashion doesn't have to be boring and traditional anymore. Just look at Lakme Fashion Week and SVA.

If you want the SVA Indian Princess look for Eid, Diwali or special occasions;

  • Damask Indian fabrics.
  • Lengha with peplum or crop tops are a must!
  • To be on-trend you can't wear a lengha without matching jacket.


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I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.