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Chanel's Cruise Collection in Dubai

RunwaySara K

When you think of Chanel we think of luxury, peak of high fashion and pure beauty oozing with elegance. Whether your British or Asian you're bound to know world renowned couture fashion label, Chanel. If l told you, Chanel produced a Dubai inspired collection for a fashion show in Dubai most of us would even question if they were dreaming!? Most wouldn't disagree if l said Dubai and Chanel are two of the best combinations on Earth. l can confirm your not dreaming, only the A-list celebs such as, Freida Pinto and Dakota Fanning flew in Dubai on Tuesday for the Chanel Cruise Collection 2014/15. Not forgetting to mention, even Arab Royalty Princess attended the event. 

Dubai is a rapidly growing market for fashion due to Middle Eastern women slowly having more freedom and growing opportunities to express themselves through their libas (clothes). Thus Dubai is a perfect scene setter for Chanel’s Cruise Collection as when people think of Dubai - they think of the peak of luxury life. In addition, we can’t forget the beauty of Dubai from the streets and sophisticated women to Arab fashion.

Earlier on in the year Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld designed a Singapore inspired Cruise Collection. However, on this occasion Lagerfeld brought Middle Eastern fashion trends to another level.

What makes Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel collection different to others is his designer vision, western fashion techniques yet 'channelled' into middle-eastern fashion trends. 

I particularly liked the fact Karl Lagerfeld stayed true to the Middle East religious values and ethos. For example, Middle East countries are Islamic states whereby covering your body is a must for women in Arab states. As a result, 85% of Chanel’s garments covered the models bodies with the odd knees or arms on display.

It was heart warming to see a western fashion designer such as, Karl Lagerfeld use Islamic patterns in his fashion garments. The beautifully tailored silk maxi dresses with layers of chiffon draping. As the models walked the fabric would flow as if they were floating. 

The patterns were bright, bold and garish. Perfect for fashion lovers, especially with the beautiful sunny weather in Dubai.

I’m sure you would agree with me when l say, l was please to see the classic Dubai inspired long line tweed jackets. The jackets were extraordinary statement pieces you could wear with most styles of clothes. 

The detailing of the fabric was beautifully crafted; it’s very different to the Asian hand embroidered work done by western designers. On the other hand, Chanel’s western method can be worn casually due to its subtlety. You could always dress the garments up with jewels, diamanté clutch or plainly dress the dresses down.

What makes Chanel different to other collections is the journey Chanel take you on, as if you have brought into a part of their family. The extravagant fashion show locations and celebrities set the mood. Chanel carry the theme for the collection through-out their brand. When Karl Lagerfeld combines all these elements the fabrics and patterns in each piece create their own character and the fashion comes to life!

The bottom left photo reminded me of a salwaar matched with an Asian men’s jacket. I loved the idea as some of us may want to look unique this Eid and wear a tailored long line jacket to match our kameez. 

Most women around the world would die for the chance of wearing Chanel and l can see why. Chanel never seases to amaze me, for example last season they showcased their collection in a recreated super market where models treated the super market as a runway. Catwalk’ing as they shopped. In addition, they designed their Bombay Fall 2012 collection and created an Indian empire with stretches of fabulous gold dining tables and classy chandeliers. Chanel are innovative in the fashion industry and we can learnt a lot from their approach and execution in the design of their garments.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.