RunwaySara KPFW7

Day 1 of Pakistan Fashion Week London

RunwaySara KPFW7

If you want the latest South Asian fashion trends but not just bridal but Pret, casual and party wear Pakistan Fashion Week in London was the place to be last week. 

As a Partner of Pakistan Fashion Week UK, l made it my duty to bring you all the backstage hair & beauty trends. Not just that, l spoke to designers and wanted to know their predictions for next season's fashion trends. 

Sonya Battla

It’s not every day you get to see the best of Pakistani fashion in the UK but once again Riwayat’s Pakistan Fashion Week brought us exactly that right here in London.

The headlining designer, Sonya Battla opened the show with her free flowing draping fabrics - Pret you could wear casually. The grey and peach colour combinations were unique and prints were innovative to Pakistani fashion scene.

One of my favourites had to be Sonya Battla’s long velvet dress with a silk scarf wrap - very sleek verging on western fashion but keeping to eastern themes.

This is one of the reasons you have to love PFW as Adnan Ansari and his team bring designers collections the British Asian fashion scene are screaming out for. 

Moazzam Abbasi

It was net, crochet and lace galore with Moazzam Abbasi’s superb Pret collection. The colours were on trend as seen in Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi - creams, whites and beiges throughout the collection. 

There was a mix of Asian designs with modern cuts that would fit in perfectly with the British Asian fashion scene. 

My favourite had to be the long crochet bordered long kameez and lace bordered skirt. You could easily be separately for a casual look and pair both garments for an evening style.

Hamna Amir (Jewellery)

Hamna Amir's jewellery collection was unique to many others l had seen before which are usually heavy and you can’t normally wear with your western clothes.

The designers fashion pieces combined diamantes and pearls with an Egyptian Asian feel and would look perfect on most outfits. It was a cross between eastern and western fashion – a practical type of Asian costume jewellery.

Hamna Amir’s jewellery collection is perfect for people who are looking for South Asian accessories you can just add to your suits to jazz them up.

Aijazz Aslam

Most people may know this next designer as a model, presenter or actor but at PFW7 Aijazz Aslam came as a fashion designer. He was at PFW7 showcasing his very vibrant Pakistani collection – pinks, reds and green were the main colours used.

Aijazz Aslam also used traditional colours, cuts, fabrics and really did bring a bit of Pakistan to London. 

The collection is perfect for ladies who want classical Pakistani fashion and do not want to compromise on the latest bridal cuts and clashing of colours as Aijazz Aslam did so best.


Naurang at PFW7.jpg

Naurang brought their South Asian velvet trend with them to London and it was memorising to see jacket suits, dupattas with embroidered detailing and dazzling lenghas. 

Not British Asian high street could substitute for the sheer beautiful longline velvet jackets and colour contrasted lengths which worked marvellously throughout the show. 

The fabrics used were glorious, Naurang selected suit jackets, glitzy dresses. Even then men looked great in complimentary velvet blazers. I'm used to seeing men's velvet jackets on the high street but they always seem to be party jackets however, Naurang show the west how men can rock the winter trend not jet on special occasions but casually. 


Kamdani showcased more bridal wear and we saw a wide range of coloured suits from orange to green and styles – short to long. The designer emphasis’ we can rock whatever colour and style we want to weddings but just bear in mind Kamdani’s trends, which were long suits and beaded embroidery.

Faika Karim

I spoke to Faika Karim and her team at the exhibition and it was inspiring to hear British Asian designer talking about Pakistani fashion so passionately.

Also she Faika mentioned her inspiration came from Lahore and cities in Pakistan.The collection consisted of golds, blacks and reds. 

Rabia Zahur

Rabia Zahur put her best foot forward with her runway collection, the garments included on trend Pakistani styles such as lenghas and frilly trouser suits. 

At the exhibition, Rabia Zahur was selling gorgeous casual kameez's and 3 piece suits. She was dressed very sophisticated with a creamy lime and complimentary green jumpsuit - she dressed wonderfully with eastern detailing on her jacket and western cuts. You could tell you really knew how to dress, as a result l wanted to know how she would advise we rock her favourite casual piece?

She picked two long linen style fabric kameez's with delicate detailing on the front which you could pair with a cropped jacket.

l couldn't help but be dazzled by nude silk number with fine black beaded illustration of what seems to be a tree branch. You could wear it casually with leggings or dress it up with tailored trousers and cropped black blazer opened at the front of course. Nude heels and a simple small nude clutch or handbag. All focus needs to be on the dress bead.

Goal by Fozia Hammad

Fozia Hammad's Goal collection it perfect for brides would want something practical at their wedding. A gown they can move in but still look stunning. The collection focused on intricate detailing fused with only what l can call mystical Pakistani fashion detailing. Fozia brought Pakistani fashion ingot he modern age by combining colours which are on trend and looking for a garment that doesn’t compromise on Pakistani embroidery and diamante fused garments and exciting designs. 

The collection focused on intricate detailing fused with only what l can call mystical Pakistani fashion detailing and fashion techniques only South Asian fashion offers. 

The photos honestly don’t do Pakistan Fashion Week UK justice, it’s not just the runway but exhibition that is a big hit for me.

PFW8 will be back in May and l would definitely suggest popping by just even for a day out and experience the fashion in offer. I hope to see you at PFW8, watch out for tickets and updates on our social media and website.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.