RunwaySara K

Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014

RunwaySara K

It was another day of fabulous fashion at this week’s Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014. I selected my favourite designers;

Aarti Vijay Gupta

I love Aarti Vijay Gupta sexy office wear tailoring with art deco style illustrations on the blouses and jackets. And once again you can’t get away from the on trend creams and whites. 

The secret to this look is illustration on garments, specifically contrasting dark colours on whites and creams.

ILK by Shikha & Vinita 

Another sportswear meets Asian casual combination on day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week. On this occasion the designers, ILK by Shikha & Vinita focused on using denim as their main fabric in through out their collection but instead of creating jeans they used it to create long kameez, jackets and midi dress tops.

The secret isn’t not rocket science with this one - rather rather wearing jeans use denim in other fashion garments :)

Munkee see Munkee doo 

I loved the sophisticated looks by Munkee see Munkee doo and yes that is the name of the designer collection. I had to do a double take too :D The designer combines 3 colours with grey patterns is quite exquisite. It’s very difficult to pull off as you either do it well or if done wrong it can look dreadful rather than sleek. Munkee see Munkee doo did a fantastic job and l think we will have to give it ago - good luck to me :D

The secret with this collection is combining sleek tailored pieces in blacks, greys and reds. Add a jacket, blouse and a waist accessory.

SELVAGE by Chandani Mohan 

As most of you know l love my jackets and outwear yet l love simplicity to ooze elegance. Well, I had to include SELVAGE by Chandani Mohan as my favourites of day 3 at Lakme. The jackets were simple yet beautifully tailored with a touch of class with the gold and silver zips.

The secret is to invest in a quality jacket which suits your body shape and won’t go out of fashion in 2/3 years. I would recommend purchasing a colour like black, which you will wear all year round and l’m sure like me you have a lot of clothes that will compliment the black :)

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