Sara K

Dior & Dark Eye Circles

Sara K

If your a regular to this fashion blog, you will know l’m an Asian blogger who genuinely cares about her readers and every once in a while l do a blog that addresses beauty issues. At the end of the day your skin and face are apart of you and the complete look. I’m a big promoter of natural beauty and being happy with the body your in. Now a big issue for me and many of my Asian friends is dark eye circles.

From doing some research, speaking to people and other Asians dark eye circles seem to be a bigger problem with Asians. From a young age l have always been aware of my dark eye circles, it hasn’t helped that l have big eyes it used to really really knock my self esteem. I started wearing lots of make-up at college and university just to cover it up.

Like most of you reading this blog like me you’ve tried everything, from various eye creams and sleeping lots. I’ve tried Garnier, Boots Vitamin E, Clinque and Body Shop. Nothing works. So this is a blog for all you lovely people (men & women) with the similar issues, I’m here to help and don’t worry your not alone.

After further recommendation l’ve decided to invest in Estee Lauder Advance repair eye gel/cream. Also l’ve started fortnightly eye treatment with my facial beauty package at the beauticians. Which l will be sharing more information about my secret beauty weapon. Let’s just say natural beauty products from Dubai are magic.

Anyway back to dark eye circles… I’ve been told it’s genetics, it’s an Asian thing oh no it’s lack of sleep l could go on… And trust me l’ve tried everything even traditional cucumber, nope none of these help, however just recently a dear friend and my amazing beautician advised me it could be blood not circulating round my eye area and very thin skin which drains any tone of my skin away causing discolouration and dark circles. Also l’ve noted they aren’t even dark as in black or brown but just a different shade of my actual skin tone.

I am and always have been very conscious about them and l think people lie just lie to me and say they aren’t bad at all but l’m the one that looks in the mirror and it can frustrate me. I worry l look like i’ve just woken up and l just want to wake up and walk out the door.

Years of trying different things and pondering what to do. It made me think… if l’m stuck with my dark eye circles how can l cover them up but still look natural and not wear any other make-up. As I’m sure many of you know it can be super difficult to find the perfect shade for our unique Asian skin tones and most concealers on the high street are not very good the textures greasy and easily fade.

When l was 17 l wondered into House of Fraser and Christian Dior counter for my free beauty consultation and mini make over curtesy of Glamour magazine. It was a perfect 17th birthday, the Dior make-up artist totally transformed my eyes with Dior make-up and concealer. The Dior make-up lady told me about Skinflash, a pen style concealer. l instantly thought l’m sure she’s having a laugh and it wont cover anything at all, just someone trying to sell me their brands. After all western brand don’t specialise in Asian skin tones. After searching for years, I resisted Christian Dior for years and was happy with MaxFactor pan stick.

Then at age of 24 l started going to the beauticians for facials just to look after my skin. After the treatments l looked at my skin and it was gleeming! I had not seen it look so good in all my life but then l looked closer and the only thing that got me down were my dark eye circles were there once again. The current eye treatment the beauticians giving me will only make a difference over time but l still think it won’t ever match my face skin tone. It made me think, l need to find an alternative.

The other week, l was on Oxford Street and decided to pop into House of Fraser to see if Dior could help me. Yes, after 7 years but this time to finally make a purchase. In all them years l remember Dior concealers were the best for coverage. YSL is known to be the best pen concealer, however sadly not for Asian tones that would suit Asian skin tones in most London outlets.  And l had tried everything and l can use creams that don’t work but l needed a short term fix and make-up always comes in handy till then. Dior was the one for me!

If your passing by a Dior beauty counter, get one of the lovely ladies at Dior to try it out on you. Only 003 Sand will suit some Asian skin tones and of course it won’t match all Asian skin tones. I also love the fact you don’t have to put much on but 2 tiny dots, gently dab it on and it blends right in to your skin unlike most concealers which I’ve had to put an another layer and then top it up 1/2 hours later. Dior concealers stay on! Dior need to make a some for Asian skin tones.

If your on a budget check out MaxFactor was a selection of tones but don’t expect it to be a Dior. Where as if you want a professional product Dior’s concealers are incredible!

No-one ever told me before but my best advice is to test and ask people who don’t work for the brand and experts who are not biased.

Sid (older sis) gave me the best tips, get the beauty consultant to put it on and walk away. Go about your day as normal and then go home and check it before bed. Look at your make-up in all different lighting e.g. Home, sun light and restraunant. You’ll know if it’s the prefect match and if it’s a great product by testing out people recommendations.

Everyone’s different so don’t expect 1 size to fit all, you may have to go through a lot till you fall in love with the perfect concealer. As long as you do your research and trial you’ll get there!

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