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Sara K

Eid is coming yet let me guess you don’t know where to start with your Eid shopping?

The easiest way to do your fashion research is to check online because you may not have time to visit actual Asian high streets to visit e.g. Green Street.

When you find shops online or a boutique on a particular Asian street you may not have time to pop to the other UK Asian high streets in the UK and compare or see what other shops have to offer.

If you want an unbiased view on where to shop this Eid Sara K Blog will look after you this Eid.

For the first shopping blog Sid and me went for a wonder to see what Bury Park in Luton had to offer for the first of the Eid Shopping blogs. Sid and me went for a wonder to Bury Park in Luton to see what they had to offer this Eid-ul-Fitr to all my fashionistas. 

Bury Park has a distinctive Asian fashion sense, mainly Pakistani and Bengali heritage. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it is Asian fashion on the British high street so this fashion blogger had to blog about the current Eid trends and here are two of the one’s l thought were different to most Asian fashion boutiques in the UK.

I visited this next boutique which you may of seen on Facebook or Asian bridal magazines Memsaab (above) who had a lovely fuschia pink dress fabric in the window display. I particularly liked the colour, chiffon fabric and bead detailing. A dress l wouldn’t mind wearing on Eid. I like the long western dress style.

 Sapphire Boutique in Bury Park, Luton

Sapphire Boutique in Bury Park, Luton

Sapphire Boutique in Nadeem’s Plaza has a wide range of western designer style casual kameez’s, jackets and Eid collection. I spoke to the new shop owner who told me she designed many of the pieces for the growing Asian market. She also asked me and Sid what we thought as she wanted an honest opinion so she could cater to the market better. It was a breathe of fresh air to hear a shop owner who cares about her clientèle. It made a nice change to feel like being a customer mattered and l thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her. She knew her fashion, market and trends very well and even I learnt a lot just talking to her.

One of my favourites was a unique long western stone beige jacket and if you wanted some Asian fusion you could turn it inside out and wala a gold and white eastern patterned fabric. Plus l was supraised to hear it was only £50 same price as the high street where as, you don’t get the beautiful white, gold and red Asian fabrics on the high street. I might have to go back purchase!

As shown in banner two Sapphire Boutique also had traditional, beautifully hand detailed jackets which l can imagine on the Autumn/Winter runway collections. They had some of their Eid stock, l was happy to see purple, lilacs and creams colours most of us love.

 Yamin at Luton in The Mall

Yamin at Luton in The Mall

Yasmin in The Mall (The Mall, Luton LU1 2TR) were trending on jacket three piece dress suits for approximately £90 you could buy a reasonably heavy suit. The had popular colours such as pinks, whites, greens and black every piece was very different to the rest and most had diamanté detailing which you could wear on Eid or on special occasions. Yasmin has something different to most Pakistani Asian fashion shops l have visited in the South East, the photo’s honestly don’t do it justice but the clothes were fashionable and were elegant.

I hope this helped to see what’s on the Asian high street, please feel free to check out what Bury Park, Luton fashion shops have to offer this Eid in 2014.  Watch out for the upcoming Eid Shopping blogs in May and June.

If you are a boutique or designer and you would like to feature in our Eid Shopping blogs, get in touch.

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