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Elie Saab’s captivating Kaftan

TrendsSara K

I did a short blog on the Elie Saab’s dazzling collection not so long ago. i loved the designer’s superb, unique and elegant gowns. So you can understand my excitement when l saw another of Elie Saab’s innovative designs. I introduce… Elie Saab’s Arab and Asian Kaftan trend (shown in the photo).

Elie Saab Kaftan

As seen in the photo it uses 2 contrasting colours, similar to the block trend yet with an innovative design shaped around the body. I particularly love the colours used and use of chiffon as the secondary fabric. It not only instantly makes you look slimmer but graceful at the same time.

To make your outfit look unique a lot of the shops and eastern designers have been working with boarders on clothes. It makes it dramatic when walking and just gives the Kaftan that edge.

Now you can’t say you aren’t spoilt for choice with ideas. Personally, writing the blogs just given me too many ideas for outfits.

I don’t know about you but l want it - I love unique fashion. Why not try to recreate one like this yourself :) Why not try different fabrics, textures and colours.

This is one of the reasons l love western fashion, they are always being innovative and really know how to make fabulous fashion we drool over.

I’m hoping this gives you some ideas and inspires all you fashion lovers.

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