RunwaySara K

Fashion Parade Bridal 2017

RunwaySara K
Fashion Parade Bridal 2017

We’ve got an exclusive for you, Fashion Parade Bride by Mustang Productions held in the heart of London, Marylebone.

The exclusive bridal and luxury prêt collections from some of Pakistan’s leading designers, including Nilofer Shahid, Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, Shamaeel Ansari, Maria B, Faiza Samee, Saira Rizwan, Rani Emaan, Seher Tareen and Sherzad Rahimtoola.


Welcome to the secret world of Faiza Samee, there are slivers of silver, the glitter of gold and vibrant richness of colours that make the royal courts come alive. You will experience the intricate traditions of hand embroideries passed, painstakingly recreated in bejewelled waistcoats, delicate tulle and fusion tunics. Luxurious materials like colour drenched velvets are mixed with shimmering brocades further offset by a tulle veil are a combination few can successfully create. The essence of Faiza Samee includes a wonderland inhabited by her innate sense of colour and design which is aimed at the modern woman who embraces her rich cultural history.


Entitled ͚The blooms of Ezmir͛ the collection is based on travels to imaginative land of Turkey. Inspiration were drawn from the mix of fresh blooming flowers set against the royal buildings of the Ottoman Empire. The architecture exhaled a feminine feel with pastel hues with intricate lattice work of Islamic influence. Featuring clean silhouettes and a pastel theme, the colours of ivory, emerald and dull gold create 3-Dimensional blooming motifs which breathe in the collection.


Nilofer Shahid's collection named, 'A Journey of Self Realisation' brings forth the story of every woman͛s life. It͛s her metamorphosis into a powerful being, with strength of character which draws its energy from the sources above. Ethereal with the spirit of the creator flowing through her veins, she herself is the tree of life which takes its roots from the deepest recesses of the earth͛s core and blooms into a strong spiritual warrior. The collection is a journey experienced by a women culminating into a magnanimous being, which is glorious to behold.


Named Dahlia, the collection takes us on a journey of inspiration from the land of traditions, myths and legends whilst paying homage to traditional women͛s wear through a contemporary vision. Features include an ensemble of traditional techniques, classic cuts and a magnificent display of colour. You will experience vibrant hues, vivid prints, exquisite embellishments and intricate details on the runway. The silhouettes of peplums, voluminous skirts and lehngas fused together elaborate embroidery to create the perfect embodiment of grandeur and opulence.


Raani Emaans collection named 'The sublime and the beautiful' is the personification of the bridal avatar, featuring gold infused with complimenting colours. The sartorial art of the collection formed an amalgamation of oriental and occidental cuts, making the attire suited to the demands of the catholicity of the bridal image. Red Dot Jewels collection is named 'Mirror Mirror' and showcases the most important reflection in a woman's life.


The collection is named 'Chantilly'. Inspired by the beautiful and heritage laces made in the French city of Chintilly. Being an avid follower of Saira Rizwan the collection speaks for itself.


Known for three opulent decades as the 'Czarina of Style', Shamaeel is among a handful of pioneering designers forging South Asian Fashion͛s esprit de corps. The couture collection presented today traces its provenance to vintage textiles and Victorian tapestries to inspire a tribute to collections favoured by the V&A museum. Immerse yourself in the romantic renaissance where the orient meets western sensibilities to spark the true spirit of London.


The signature collection features a range of jewellery with a strong emphasis on gem stones with stylised details that make each piece feel personal and unique. The collection emulates passion and personality, a key focus of the designer whose favourite motto is: "Wearing jewels is a way to express the woman you are, without saying a word".


Studio S is a high fashion label that prides itself in paying homage to the arts. The 'Amrita Sher-Gil' collection encompasses couture pieces, each one inspired by a painting or photograph of the dynamically complex Sher-Gil who is hailed as one of the most important painters of 20th century India. With this collection, Studio S aims to present haute couture that is both avant-garde and timeless, like the muse that inspires it.


Tena Durrani's 'A Rouge Affair' is the embodiment of a modern-day bride. There is symbolism of drifting from the heights of romanticism to the depths of traditional decadence; combining light, movement and vivacity into an unforgettable experience. The bridal wear emerges from its traditional roots and gets fine-tuned by artisanal finesse, jewel tones and an effusion of florals.

Jadaus jewellery collection is by designer Kanwal Toor. The theme showcased tonight is - traditional transcending into modern. Jadau jewellery originated in Indo-Gangetic plains and has been practised in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat for many centuries. It is a complicated and intricate jewellery making technique that involves embedding precious and semi-precious stones, gems, crystals and beads in gold. Each piece has a unique journey and design process, from the initial concept to sketches and then final creation.

Photography Credit: RAFYL

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