Fashion to Food I visit Pizza Express for the Halal dishes

The British Asian fashion blog has not turned into a food blog ;) If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know just the other day we found out Pizza Express serves Halal chicken. So from fashion to food, l thought it would be nice to share my British Asian Halal Chicken Pizza Express experience with my readers! 

You may not know one of my favourite cuisine has to be Italian food. For my 24th birthday my amazing friends took me to a lovely restaurant called Avalanche in Manchester that serviced halal chicken and we all loved the food and the atmosphere. And as you all know it’s scarce to find an Italian restaurant that services halal meat. However, earlier this week when it was revealed Pizza Express serve halal meat. l was astonished as l prefer Pizza Express over most large chain restaurants and l was unaware and have been eating the vegetarian options.

I only went two weeks ago and remember looking at the menu and wonder what Pizza Express chicken dishes taste like. Now after hearing the latest news, l did my research just to confirm it was true and check it the sources where creditable. Once they passed my tests, l decided to book a table for my friend and me who love a tasty Italian dish! 

As l'm big a pasta fan, I decided to order the chicken pasta dish ’Pollo Pesto’ and my friend ordered a healthy, freshly made pizza. I was disappointed the dish l ordered was the only chicken pasta dish however, from experience l know if l picked another dish and requested chicken they would be more than happy to accommodate. 

When the food arrived, l couldn’t wait to get stuck in. At first l couldn’t taste much difference, until l mixed it up and in between lay diced slices of chicken. I took a bite of the saucy chicken and pasta and it was full of flavour. Unlike Asian food (where Asians find the need to put crazy spices in everything) the Italian inspired chicken pasta had just the right balance of chicken, pasta and flavoured sauce. Plus it had that Italian pasta tang with a smooth touch of flavoursome  chicken. It's making me hungry again just thinking about it :P

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be anything special but the chicken added a delicious dimension to the pasta dish. They flavoured it well and l thoroughly enjoyed it hence l felt l had to share my experience by writing this blog.

Everyone has different opinions, choices and favourites cuisines but it you like Italian food, love pasta and normally can be found in ASK, Prezzo and Zizi's its worth a visit!

That’s my Pizza Express Halal Chicken review. If you plan on going any time soon thanks to Sid telling me… you can always find special deals and offers on the Pizza Express website. We paid £13.75 for a 3 course meal - restrictions apply ;) 

Please feel free to share your thoughts, reviews and opinions l love hearing from you. 

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