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Get your fashion fix from Hum TV

RunwaySara K

Sid told me about a free South Asian channel available on Sky, l instantly thought ‘oh god, not another typical Asian channel that’s going to get mum treasuring the TV and bore me to death’. Whereas, Sid mentioned l need to watch it because they air Pakistan fashion shows everyday at 11pm which made me listen to her trying to sell me the Asian channel.

I was sceptical as l was hoping it would be professional quality, well you can’t blame me compared to British television Asian channels aren’t very professional. However, just the other day l was passing through to grab some midnight munchies, yes at 11:10pm at night. I stopped half way as mum was watching a Asian fashion show, not in the back of the runway but professionally edited and included close up’s of the garments. It was Hum TV.

I won’t lie, since then Mum and me have been watching religiously, well when dads not hogging the TV, we entice him with his laptop and headphones.

The bad news is, Hum TV is only on Sky seen as its free you never know it could come to Virgin or free view. The fashion shows are late night at 11pm but if you can record, l would highly recommend it because its wonderful to see Pakistan fashion shows on the TV and as l said its FREE! Which person, especially Asian doesn’t like seeing or hearing the word free.

With fashion week photos there’s only so much you can visualise; low quality videos on YouTube aren’t helpful either because we can’t see the suits detailing intricate embroidery on the Asian suits. 

I’m so glad we have Fashion TV for western fashion and now Hum TV for my Asian fashion fix! Plus its nice to have another Asian tv channel Mum can enjoy.

I revisited this blog in 2014 and included one of the latest Fashion Pakistan Week. I’m hoping the video will give you an idea of the fashion shows. Enjoy and check it out - 859! 

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