Sara K

Inspired by Burberry

Sara K

After seeing Burberry’s fashion collection at London Fashion Week l was inspired to play with prints.

printed fabrics
  1. Organise themes & colours - section similar themes or colours to give you an idea which fabrics might go together best. Viewing all the fabrics will give you a better idea of what they might look like once sewn. 
  2. Best to test - check which fabrics work together and look great. Even just cutting a sample piece and putting them next to each other helps.
  3. Snap it - it may sound strange but taking a photo of the fabrics next to each other ill give you a true picture and it truly works. If your like Sadiqua (my sister) take a look the next day with a fresh mind.
  4. Plan & prepare - always plan your outfits. Draw them out to imagine the final product if you have to. Trust me planning and preparing plays off.
  5. Accessorise - similar to Burberry complete the look with fabulous items such as bag, waist belt and not to forget coat or jackets.

I hope all these tips help! AND start playing with prints :)

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