TrendsSara K

Is Zara showing up the UK Asian high-street?

TrendsSara K

A few months ago Zara had kurta and kameezs on their shop rails and online stores. Is it just me or has Zara recently had a surge of multicultural inspired fashion garments in their Autumn & Winter collection?

When l visited Oxford street l could imagine Asians wearing the fashion in the UK. From indian embroidered style kimonos to paisley print dresses you would see with a shalwar kameez. 

The ethnic look and feel is something we still look to emphasis in our fashion as it’s our identity but we look for the British Asian touch. 

It made me think, no wonder we all love Zara, they seem to offer an alternative to the heavy embroidered suits or boring plain kameezs on the Asian high street.

They always create modern cuts and fresh designs to highlight that modern and on trend style we see on the runway however, practical everyday wear. 

If your wondering how you could wear the dresses above, Asians don’t need to fear Zara gives you wide selection of trousers in neutral colours and styles. That’s one of the other reason l also like the brand, they provide a variety of alternatives to jeans unlike most high street outlets. So now you can even buy a full suit e.g. dress and trousers all for £100.

It seems Zara’s showing up the British Asian high street and showing them how it’s really done. From design, marketing, online to shop displays. With free P&P, user friendly website (compared to UK Asian sites) and options of how to wear and style - Zara is really appealing to the wider audience of British Asians.

If l am being honest, some of the casual looks styling in-store tends to be a crazy mesh. For example, the first photo in the banner they matched a rock chick look with an elegant kimono - l’m all up for trying something new and l am sure some people can be pulled off however it’s not easy on the eye. Where as Zara aren’t specifically targeting British Asians so you will always have the British and western fashion themes. And you can always pick and choose what you think will look good - you just need to play around and see what works for the look your trying to pull off. 

I would recommend visiting Zara if you want to update your Autumn & WInter wardrobe. Once you have, please share your thoughts - good or bad l’d love to know. 

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