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Islamic Fashion at Eid Festival, Trafalgar Square

People & PartiesSara K

The Eid Festival had an array of multicultural Asian fashion, food, activities and entertainment. Also known as, Eid in the Square or to most of us simply, Eid at Trafalgar Square. 

Eid Festival was not busy at mid-day but by the afternoon it amount of people at the festive considerably picked up. Essentially the festival was a Eid Mela, Mayor of London's event. Plus it wasn’t like most Mela's l've attended, not only due to location but the diverse attendees but l’d say only 40% were Asian.

Although I loved the multicultural mix because it brings fashion from countries we are not usually exposed for example, Eid Festival showcased  a combination of fashion from Malaysian, Middle-Eastern, Asian and Indonesian fashion. After all Eid is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It was troy a multicultural, colourful and vibrant fusion of fashion.

Hakeeki London with middle-eastern inspired accessories such as, Islamic calligraphy print scarves and Egyptian jewellery.

Lebaas had a selection of traditional hijab wear perfect for big Eid or special occasions (above, photo 5). 

Nahara who also showcased at The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 featured their simple yet extraordinary modern, Italian silk scarves and pieces giving the event a new type of modest fashion in the UK. 

Dian Pelangi, an Indonesian designer had some breath-taking jackets you could wear whether your Muslim or not. l kept lingering around, pondering whether l should buy the jacket l’m holding above. In the end being a fashoholic, l couldn’t help but buy the Dian Pelangi jacket also pictured (below).

I loved the fine embroidery on the fabulous jacket on the hanger you couldn’t really imagine the potential of the full impact. On the other hand, l went to a fashion event on Sunday and decided to show how to wear patterned and busy fashion.

The jacket had a hint of my favourite on trend cream so l wore all plain cream blouse and wide high waisted tailored wide cut trousers. When accessorising, my shoes were nude and l had an elegant cream bag with gold finishing which l have to share with you soon.

l found it strange nearly every woman l stood close to stared or stopped me to discuss my jacket. l think it’s the most ‘likes’ an outfit I’ve worn. It just goes to show even when you don’t expect it you can find fashion gems where you least expect it.

Overall Eid Festival (aka Eid in the Square) was genuinely nice to experience, it was peaceful, multicultural and something different in good old Central London. And that is how Eid should be celebrated around the world no matter what country you’re in. 

The fashion could of been better yet it’s better than having nothing at all for Asian fashion or Eid however, it was heart warming to worldwide Islamic brands in food, fashion and entertainment come to celebrate Eid in Britain. 

Thanks Dian Pelangi and Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) for Eid Festival. I’ll be back next year for more Islamic fashion from Asia and Middle-East.

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