RunwaySara K

It’s Just Fashion Heaven, It’s Just Cavalli

RunwaySara K

You might be thinking ‘hold on this is a British Asian blog and she’s blogging about Italian fashion’. Well, in the blog l tend to categorise western garments as British fashion because UK fashion is practically same as European, American and Australian fashion. However Asian fashion originates from Asia which is also known as eastern clothing and completely different to western fashion, tailoring and designs.

Roberto Cavalli

As you all know by now l love fashion, whether its western or eastern and some well-known designers truly inspire me and Roberto Cavalli is one. I particularly love the designer as he creates luxury casual fashion but at another level, something the British Asian market has not yet grasped.

Now, I’m not saying create clothes and call them couture then stamp a hefty price tag on them but build your own innovative designs and do something different to everyone else. For example designers such as, Roberto Cavalli have built a unique fashion empire producing high quality garments since 1940. Unlike the Chinese, well-known fashion designers produce less and focus more on design, quality and in the Italian’s case create fashion as if it's works of art. 

In return an individual buying Roberto Cavalli is not only purchasing a  classic runway garment but buying into a lifestyle many of us can only dream of. For us Asian’s the best example is to look at the Arabs, for instance when you go into Selfridges & Co, scent of ooth and ladies with head scarves, beautifully dressed and walking around with Gucci bags.

Gucci and Cavalli spend months mastering one collection which usually has similar patterned fabrics, specially designed matching accessories and a theme through-out. For example, in Cavalli’s Autumn and Winter 2014 collection the snake skin, fur, cathedral dress patterns and linear mono prints are the main focal point of the A/W collection. 

In my first montage of photos you can see how Roberto Cavalli pays attention to detail such as, the leather looking tassel necklace, fur pieces and wool coats give it that WOW effect. Then in collage two the fabric speaks for itself. I can imagine celebs wearing the Roberto Cavalli dresses.

Oh and l had to add my favourite, cream layered ensemble that you could wear everyday that you can wear to work, out with friends or just shopping. 

Roberto Cavalli Runway 2014

I know Sid wouldn’t be able to appreciate the Roberto Cavalli fashion however, if mum would appreciate the beauty of Milan Fashion Week. She would start getting ideas and wanting me to take her to the fabric shops because she has an idea (now you know who l get the fashion madness from). Similar to Mum, I normally look at the fabric and elements that bring the garment together and for me Roberto Cavalli’s AW14 collection oozes innovation and elegance.

Ok, I wouldn’t wear the pieces as shown on the runway BUT that’s because my street is far from a runway but people would look at me as if I’m genuinely mad. I live in what l call the Asian ghetto ;) Then again, if you wore one piece and made it the statement piece in your garment and rocked it out when going out with friends or it would look stunning.

Roberto Cavalli’s collection is the peak of quirky, innovative and inspirational luxury fashion. I just can’t help but admire the fabrics, patterns and fur! Although fake fur for me of course. I’m not killing any animals for my fashion fix. Kittie wouldn’t be to happy plus nothings worth killing for fashion not even luxury fashion.

Whether you like western fashion and designers or not, they take fashion to new heights. The Italian’s aren’t afraid to do something different, innovative and think out of the box hence they are a major player in the world of fashion.

Go on, experience a new way of looking at fashion and try it out with your British Asian, eastern and western fashion outfits.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.