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Kaftans on the catwalk

RunwaySara K
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The kaftan might originate from the middle-east and more prominently seen in Arab fashion and associated with Islamic cultures.

Did you know the kaftan has been worn by countless cultures around the world, for thousands of years.

What actually makes a kaftan, a kaftan? The kaftan is defined as an overdress that can be made from various fabrics and usually worn with a sash. So that means as long as we keep these elements in mind we can easily create kaftans at home.

The garment combines elements of the maxi dress and bat sleeves and fabric waist belts. I must say I love the modern casual and everyday fashion. 

You may mostly only wear your kaftan on holiday to Dubai but looking at the different kaftans on the catwalk - they are a must have for Arab’s.  If its good enough for them, its good enough for us.

Arabs are known for their flawless beauty and fashion but l’m sure we can all look flawless! So l’ll try my best to pass on the secrets of a stunning kaftan.

The kaftan secret - The fabric is the most important part, I’d start with thin stretchy fabric similar to lycra/spandex and have a symmetrical patterned to create impact.

Once you have the fabric imagine it folded into two. If the fabric looks great and you can picture it well you know your on to a winner.

Then just buy a vienne cord or a necklace to match the outfit and you will have a catwalk kaftan.

It could be the perfect libas for The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014... off l go to create some kaftans >

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