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Knitwear, Watches & Coffee

Sara K

I hear you asking, what’s this blog all about… knitwear, watches and coffee? How does that even go? Well, it’s Throw Back Thursday and in the social media world it’s the day we rock out the casual wear! And what’s more chilled out than knitwear and pair of comfy jeans. Yes, the British fashion side comes out of Sara in this blog.

Most of us all have that one day in the week where we want to just relax, dress down and wear classic British fashion inspired outfits. As a result, l thought l’d share my throw back Thursday look on the blog which seem to always involve knitwear, watches and coffee :D

l was flicking through my 2230 something photos on my phone the other day… 340 of Kittie, 490 of the Khan family  and 120 family and friends taking pics of me being silly with my coffee and l noticed in most of the photos l always seem to wear knitwear with a watch and strangely you can always find me pictured with coffee in my hand. 

I won’t lie l am a coffee addict and need to have my caffeine fix and its a bit like needing my knit cable jumpers and watches in my wardrobe. Its a fashion fix! I love my different styles and looks particularly my relaxing casual wardrobe. Elegant during the day and chilled knitwear in the evening.

Most of my favourite jumpers are from Mango or Zara. I love my Mango jumpers because they don’t fray and great simple designs and colours. For instance, the Mango cropped jumper on the right looks plain but the photo doesn’t show you the ribbed knitted detail of the sleeves and subtle combination of the x cross ribbed knitted patterns on the front and back. 

Also I’m a big fan and collector of watches and when l wear simple casual ensembles l always match my look up with one of my watches.  

In the far left photo l’m wearing a watch from Selfridges ‘Diva’ - l wanted something cheap l could ruin quickly it was great because it combines silver and gold. Only £25 but nothings happened to it and l have worn it quiet a few times. A great bargain! Its funny how when you don’t want things to get ruined they do and when you buy to ruin they don’t!

Anyway, the far right photo is one of my favourite watches from Guess with diamanté on the dial. I do love my Guess and DKNY watches. Both designers do great casual fashion watches and evening watches. I’m just trying to stay away from Michael Kors, if your anything like me you don’t like to follow the crowd… One to watch and check out is Anne Klein! ;)

The 2nd photo look l wore the jumper to work and my work colleague said l looked like a bumble bee :D due to the creamy and black block horizontal strips. l didn’t mind looking like a bumblebee well, l do string if l don’t get my coffee ;)

These photos are a few months old and the blogs been sitting in my drafts I thought it was a perfect blog for #throwbackthursday. Please feel free to share your #throwbackthursday looks! And enjoy your day.

Love, Sara X

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