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I've Got Lawn Fever

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Ayesha F. Hashwani

Ayesha F. Hashwani

As some of you may know l've never really been a fan of Pakistan's favourite fabric, meet 'lawn.' Most ladies opt for it as it's comfortable and ideal for summer however, l've never been taken back by it as it's never been a WOW for me. Unlike my sister l choose style over comfort so my friend lawn wasn't on the top of my fashion diary or must wear in SS15. 

l wore it back in 2001 in Pakistan even though l refused to like a rebel at the age of 11, l was used to jeans and tops. Although once sewn l tried it realising jeans weren't the best option in the scorching weather. l do have to admit it does feel luxurious against the skin. It's as if your bodies free, you get a soft touch kissing your skin but the pattern prints and colour fusions are an acquired taste. 

Having said that, just recently l've been delving into the latest Spring and Summer fashion trends in Pakistan and spotted renowned Pakistani designers rocking it fiercely. We are used to seeing HSY and Sana Safinaz featuring their lawn outfits but watch out as there's a new girl in town! 

After a stunning showcase at Pakistan Fashion Week last year, Ayesha F. Hashwani's back with So Kamal to bring you the must have Spring/Summer trends. It’s perfect timing considering Springs peeping round the corner as the sun shines in the UK.

My lovely partners at Pakistan in Vogue sent across press photos of Ayesha F. Hashwani's new lawn collection.

The showcase took place in Karachi with fashionistas looking spectacular which l had to share on Instagram. Don't underestimate Karachi ladies they really do know how to dress and impress. 

The lady herself, Ayesha F. Hashwani showed everyone up as she wore a gorgeous lawn transformed cape style ensemble with tassels. She really does know how to make lawn look modern and turn garments into head-turning pieces.

AFH Ayesha F. Hashwani's Lawn Collection

AFH Ayesha F. Hashwani's Lawn Collection

So Kamal by Ayesha F. Hashwani included lawn creations that were revamped into long maxi drapping kameezes, jacket suits and of course as most lawn suits the companying dupattas.  

You can't draw away from  her talented designs and balance between minimalist cuts yet fruitful prints. The collection breaths a wonderful ora of elegance, purity yet glamorous even if it's for an occasion which demands you to look casual.

The modern cuts, designs combined with the maximum of three colours infused in the suits still give you modern Pakistani touch.

Ayesha F. Hashwani has an empowering Pakistani identity and divulges in womanly attitude announcing not only has Pakistani fashion arrived but Pakistani women with a much needed sophisticated umph

Why not brighten up your wardrobe this Spring with So Kamal and Ayesha F. Hashwani!

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.