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Modern ways to wear the dupatta

TrendsSara K
dupatta suits

Dupattas have been around for decades; pashminas, scarves, shawls or chiffon drapes attached on garments.

Dupattas are traditionally worn by Asian women due to culture or religious purposes. For example, the celebrity Indian actress in picture one has pinned her dupatta to her shoulder and letting it drape down as if its apart of her garment. 

In the 21st century dupattas can be seen as fashion accessories. On the runway long chiffon pieces are used to compliment their dresses (as seen in the images below).

In the image below a long fabric (similar to a dupatta) is used to give her party dress another layer and create maximum impact yet with little effort. 

I choose image three as the designer has wrapped the fabric round the models necks (not normally seen on western catwalks).

It just goes to show you can make any outfit look different by draping fabrics anyway you like to change a outfit’s look.

The secret is to use patterned or plain long length fabrics to create scarves/dupattas. Why not revamp some of your outfits with chiffon dupattas. 

Fashion is whatever you make of it - just remember to wear complementarily heels to finish off the outfit nicely.

the western dupatta

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