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My best kept secret, Asian Designers

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For me Asian Designers has to be the best kept secret of British Asian fashion labels.

As an Asian fashion blogger l’m always on the look out for Asian fashion in the UK. I always tend to follow, research and get to know Asian fashion brands before l blog. And I try my upmost to take an unbiased approach for instance owners can’t sway my decision, they can’t make me blog about them and l always think of what the modern 21st century Asian woman is looking for.

I'm undated with numerous requests to blog about their brands but how can l blog about something l don’t believe, trust or feel my readers will have a great experience. Personally you can’t fake being a great brand or product.

For the honest labels, individuals and businesses aren’t talked about in mainstream. I want to give you guys something different than every other blog so l blog about it. 

When l first started blogging I came across Asian Designer and l remember admiring the look, feel and simplify of the site. And the Asian designer fashion on offer was sleek with a middle-eastern flavour with prices ranging from £40 to £199.  

I won’t lie l was ignorantly searching as l didn’t know they were designer pieces l was just browsing brands for the blog. Then when l realised, I was supraised as many other brands would charge hundreds for Asian designer fashion l was viewing on the website. 

All the designers below are exclusive to Asian Designers; 

  • Contempo by Saira
  • Agha Noor
  • Ethos by Nadia Batool
  • Nadia Hussain Pret
  • Vasim Asghar Formals

Then at The Urban Muslim Woman Show l actually had the opportunity to view the Asian Designers collection for the first time. Not only was being showcased on the runway but a fashion stall exhibiting and selling at the show.

I was welcomed to the Asian Designers stall as if l was a family member by the lady herself, Marwa (MD of Asian Designers). As she had other customer’s my mum, sister and me flicked though the rail. I was expecting it to be like other stalls and Asian fashion labels l have come across as an Asian fashion blogger however, my sister and me kept stopping and picking dresses off the rail before anyone else.

I found myself making funny noises of excitement forgetting people were around. You may ask why l was so excited and think ‘she must be lying’ l was genuinely shocked because l looked at the price tags as l went along l loved most of the clothing and they were priced at £25, £35, £40 and £149.99!  Within 10 minutes l think my sister; mum and me had picked 7 pieces. I picked out a long top, a netted long dress and Nadia Hussain stunning piece. Even my mum told me to purchase rather than telling to me stop spending my money on more clothes after she heard how much they clothes were! And mum normally tells me off for spending over £20 on any garment. I’m glad she doesn’t know how much l spend on each piece of fashion l buy. Well, l don’t blame her, we didn’t come from a privileged background.

I would normally hold back with making any purchases but l knew once the fabulous fashion is gone l would regret it for years to come. Oh, and grab the fashion while you can because once it’s gone its gone. 

My recommendation is to follow Asian Designers and l am sure Marwa will keep us updated when she restocks after her success at The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014. 

The icing on the cake was Marwa, the managing director who was just lovely! Not only because l’m a blogger but l tend to observe in the background and l found she treats everyone with respect. Plus you don’t have to purchase from her to get great customer service.

Marwa told me she selects several particular pieces from each designer as it allows her to focus on the best fashion designers and give her customers the best clothing. I admire the fact that she doesn’t try to shelve 100’s of times and fail on every other business and marketing aspect in the business. 

Also compared to other Asian fashion websites Asian Designers site, logo and branding is modern, unique and her collection offers something for everyone. It's practical, party and special occasion fashion at honest prices.

I have been thoroughly looking forward to meeting and interviewing this next young lady. Not only is she a mother of two but the creator of British Asian fashion label ‘Asian Designers.’ Marwa (MD) of Asian Designers and l discuss the brand, modest fashion and find out her secrets to looking great. 

The first time we are both behind the camera or an exclusive video right here on the heart of British Asian fashion, Sara K blog…

I definitely believe with a combination of a simple website, decent prices for wonderful fashion and great customer service Asian Designers is one to watch!

Asian Designers -

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