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My Westfield shopping venture

TrendsSara K

'Hi everyone, I'm Sara and l'm a shopoholic' ;)

l feel like l need shopping rehab :D well, its all for a good cause as we went to see what the high street had to offer all my beautiful fashionistas this Spring. And where better to go shopping but Westfield.

Zara Westfields

After l lured Mum and Sid away from the food court near one end of the entrances (so we could first grow an appetite) Sid and I were drawn towards the gleeming image of Zara in our minds. Zara has to be our favourite high street outlets and l’m sure most of you won’t disagree.It’s one l try to avoid going in but Sid was having none of it - now do you see what l have to put up with. Plus to be honest, I wasn’t successful in holding back purchases this time either. Mum kept enticing me with black and silver studded boots, floral dresses and patterned scarves ‘Sara, Sara… look at this’. 

Sid spotted some fabulous straight cut trousers as shown in the picture and l ended up going after a poker dot number. I thought they were great staple items and perfect sample to give to my tailor. Plus l love tops that l can wear with my high waisted trousers. I’m not a big fan of my mini love handles so to cover them up and emphasise my legs l like tops l can tuck in my trousers. 

Zara high street styling

Sid and me both spotted some beautiful shoes and l started calling her over to take a look. I knew she would instantly fall in love with them. They were £29.99 black suede pointy shoes with wonderful gold detailing ‘l nearly died’ that’s how much l loved them :D but l was very good and stopped myself as l have many suede flats and instead was inspired to add gold detailing to my own shoes.

On the whole Zara had a great system of sectioning their collections in different themes. I really liked the pastel pinks and creams as shown in the photo. They had some very nice simple blouses for £25.99 to £39.99 which l would jazz up with accessories to make it stand out from the crowd.

The Westfield Stratford H&M window display with very charming outfits. Six models next to each other, three on a platform with price stands saying ‘£9.99’ to ‘£19.99’. The funniest thing was seeing the prices didn’t lure me in to the shop but the latest fashion on the mannequins and the prices were the cherry on top.

Sid and me seem to think H&M is similar Primark but from experience it really isn’t when it comes to quality. Where as the designs vary, l find my local H&M is not my favourite stores but compared to London H&M’s I’m always pleasantly supraised and always leave with something nice that l’m excited about. I couldn’t help myself and buy a chic embroidered blouse which was ‘Made in India’. Yes, you can’t escape from the Asians :P love it!

Sid wasn’t too fussed UNTIL she stepped in and saw some tapered trousers on the model, knitwear and a top. She was more excited than me asking the sales assistant to help her find the trousers. Sid and me created our fav H&M look with mums approval - pale pink blouse and matching pretty pink bag!

Zara Westfield Shopping Centre

We walked into a 3rd shop thinking it was River Island but it wasn’t - it was Next. The garments, decor and lighting made it seem like River Island. Westfield Next was a decent size with some unique pieces. Their basic vests seemed like good quality which Sid purchased to test it out. She also ended up buying a creamy beige crochet woven jumper piece which she spotted and l approved :P

Next must have updated their range because even in my local retail park and large city Next consistently have a colourful wide range of selection to pick from for all ages.

I particularly like their accessories and work looks. If your looking for a tailored white shirts for work and l took Sid’s advice from Next only £29.99. She wasn’t wrong - you can’t go wrong… it doesn’t get creased easily, stern buttons and even after washing lots of times - its still looks new. I could even vouch to say Next quality is better than Zara’s at time. Why not try it yourself and let us know how you get on.

After all the shopping l have to say, UK high street is fashion fabulous! If your a western fashion fan, your bound to find pieces you love. 

My fashion SECRET would be try ‘using your imagination’ something people find it hard to do - Sid is one of them ;) but try your best. Pick up pieces and try matching up your ideal look. Think of the items as foundation pieces of making something great. By having these building bricks of a great colour, design and compliments your body shape your then able to build on it and add accessories, scarves, jacket, shoes and other elements to make it special.

Have a go yourself and feel free to message me on Twitter or Facebook if you get stuck, have any questions or need any further advice :) Sid, Me and even Mummee are here to help!

Oh AND happy shopping!

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.