Sara K

Pakistan In Vogue is Here

Sara K

Where there’s fashion, there’s Vogue. In Asia we have various publications and magazines such as, India Vogue magazine but we don’t have much for Pakistani fashion. Let’s be honest, Pakistani fashion is slowly coming-up the ranks thanks to well-known Pakistani designers and it's about time it deserve it’s own online portal and magazine.

l was reminiscing on professional Pakistani fashion sites and publications and as by magic Pakistan in Vogue launched their site. I had been waiting quiet sometime for the launch and after much anticipation l received a tweet from the lovely team at Pakistan in Vogue as they launched today. For all you Asian fashion lovers it's a must visit site for your Pakistani fashion news and so much more.

The website is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual South Asian websites. Especially being in the Digital Marketing industry full-time you can understand l am not easily impressed, especially in Asian fashion industry. Whereas, l was pleasantly surprised to see something new to South Asian brands and l hope to read about Pakistani fashion on the site.

Congratulations to CEO/Founder Muhammad Sheraz, and all of the Pakistan in Vogue team.

Check out the website:

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.