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Creme dela creme of everyday Pakistani fashion at TPFW15

RunwaySara K

If you thought Pakistani fashion was salwaar kameez, churidar suits or dated fashion you see in most of the UK you would be wrong. Pakistan has more to offer than we think and l look at Karachi, the fashion capital of Pakistan to give you a different insight into Pakistani fashion we need to be keeping an eye on.

Telenor Fashion Pakistani Week 2015 (TFPW15) day 1, day 2 and day 3 are complete and now I bring you the final instalment of Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015. Day 4 of Fashion Pakistani Week showcased the creme dele creme of everyday Pakistani fashion we don't see as much.

One of my favourite TFPW15 collections was the renowned dazzle of Pakistani clothing designer, Deepak Perwani (right). The modern yet practical silks made this Pakistani collection one of my favourites. The stunning silks were featured though out the collection yet with extraordinary western inspired cuts and patterns. For example, Deepak Perwani featured Pakistani inspired maxi dresses with a hint of 21st century Pakistani fusion. Not forgetting symmetrical jumpsuits with waist belts, two combination patterned blazer suits, paisley trouser suits and gathered in sections with fabric-draped dresses. The clutch bags, waist belts and costume jewellery with complimentary heels completed the looks beautifully.

If you wanted eastern themed fashion yet with floral elements for the spring and summer Zara Shahjehan (right) was the collection to draw inspiration from.

Zara Shahjehan takes traditional Pakistani fashion such as the ladies waist coat dresses and adds western silhouettes to bring it into modern times. 

My favourites have to be the long open cut dresses with floral boarders, it's perfect for party wear. 

Rizwanullah (right) took evening or dinner party fashion to the next stage. The outfits oozed comfort and class. It just goes to show you can still make one tone fabric look dazzling.

My favourite had to be the cape, which l would have to call the human cape because it covers the body with a blouse style slit in the middle revealing the legs.

Rizwanullah layered as the trend with most of the designers and created a western beautiful bridesmaid inspired dress which was embroidered from the waist up to the sleeves.

I love Fashion Pakistan Week as it features casual, Pret, party and occasional wear we don't see in the UK Asian shops. As a result, we surge to the great British high street to compromise but we shouldn't need to. 

Now you can see why this is one of my fashion weeks, l look for inspiration every season and l hope l've inspired you to do the same. I would highly recommend visiting the previous days TFPW15 blog posts too (if you haven't already done so) for more breath taking fashion.

P.s. If your looking for wedding inspiration, l would suggest Bridal Couture Fashion Week which takes place in Pakistan too.



Sonya Battla (left) exclusively showcased her collection at Riwayat's Pakistan Fashion Week in London at the beginning of 2015 and with a similar theme she didn't let us down at TFPW15.

With a combination of layering velvet, silk prints and innovative designs Sonya Battla creates a elegant boho Pakistani style. Her vision for practical fashion and detailing within her overall look e.g. threaded waist belts, dress ties and authentic jewellery gives this Pakistani designer edge to be in a class of her own.  Also with a eastern and western fusion Sonya Battla is the collection to be wearing in Britain.

If your not a fan of all the colour and prefer to look fashionable with nudes and creams Daaman (left) was the collection to drool over.

One of Daaman's outfits was a traditional salwaar kameez slits on the sides (chalk) where as in fashionable Karachi style the outfits were quirky e.g. short sleeves with the kameez slit starting from the waist down to just above the ankles with a contracting colour fabric waist belt. 

I loved most of these outfits as you could wear them everyday in the UK. And for evenings out I particularly loved the maxi waist coat with the navy blue jump suit. And long net blazer suit dress.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.