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Suzali London Event Launch goes above & Beyond

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The UK Asian fashion scene echos the need for affordable, trendy and current everyday Pakistani and Indian fashion. Not only that customers want more than just fashion yet our needs have evolved to the a great customer experience journey. It frustrates me Asian brands overlook customers yearning for great 
brands deliver trust, heightened the personal experience and make you feel important whoever you are no matter how much money you have in your current account.

Ladies with this fashion blog around the tides are changing as brands like Suzali London launch in the UK. I went to the Suzali London event to find out more about the new brand launching in London.

I was warmly welcomed by Sana (the founder) and her family. You may think it's because I'm a blogger however, Sana did not know who l was till later on and from analysing I understood instantly Sana welcomed all her visitors with kindness and that special personal touch.

Suzali London is more than just a brand yet it is a fashion experience with a difference - all the family were wonderful l even had a stimulating conversation with Sana's mum and cousin. At one point, it wasn't even like being at a hotel but Sana's home and that's the type of personal touch l mean. Sana was extremely busy with visitors but was always polite and apologetic, which meant the world as it doesn't cost of being kind.

I only mention manners as unlike Suzali London I have had experience of brand owners treating customers like they are no-one and being rude yet customers can make or break a brand (customers are the VIPs). l always go into events first being a consumer (aka you guys) then as a blogger and journalist! After all, I am here to serve you lovely readers and l could tell Sana thought like me! It wasn't about money yet providing solutions to the Asian population.

Don't forget in this day and age most Asian brands fail on the customer service front due to the need of money. As a result, they forget ethics and ethos of the brand and it puts us off purchasing on the other hand, Suzali London experience made me feel happy and no pressure to purchasing. Suzali London understands how critical it is to deliver the best service beyond money. Yes, it's not just about the clothes but Sana and her family had A* customer service in abundance! 

You could tell they weren't doing it to force us to like them but it just came naturally - the signs of a truthful and transparent Asian brand, which we lack in the UK. 

I loved Sana and her family's attitude, kind, humble and just a lovely bunch of human beings! And already l have not even mentioned the other USP's of the fashion label itself. 

After speaking to Sana, Suzali London understands the need for middle-market fashion. In other words, not high-end fashion and not dated Asian high street fashion we see in Green Street or Southall. Whereas, Sana's brand offers upcoming to emerging Pakistani and Indian designers.

'Just tell me the prices Sara' l hear you ask ;) well, casual suits from under 100 GBP to party wear under 150 GBP and outfits you can wear to wedding for just under 275 GBP. 

I left the event feeling motivated, refreshed and inspired! I have no doubt this brand will be a success and one to watch in the future.

I will be sharing more so stay tuned for more on Suzali

A special thank you to blogger, Farrukh for photos.

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