RunwaySara K

Payal Singhal at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

RunwaySara K

Payal Singhal has to be one of the most talked about runway shows at this years Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

You may be thinking, why? Well, just take a look at the collection - really do l need to say more? ;)

Payal Singhal doesn’t need to do much but her eye for modern fashion designs combined with traditional Indian fabrics is a collection to die for. 

Payal Singhal at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

It’s not only delightful practical fashion but she features fashion for women with all different looks and personalities. For example, you can see the business woman, the sophisticated sister, traditional indian fashion lover, the modest young lady to the modern chic fashionable girl. 

We see all the different moods, themes, looks and style in her combinations.

The classic shimmery goldy cream acts as a base colour in most the outfits and Payal Singhal adds black embellished Indian detailed garments.

Payal Singhal gives everyday Indian fashion a new vision and movement we can all strive towards. 

She has to be one of my favourite Indian fashion designers - an inspiration and icon to modern Indian fashion. 

We love the collection! l’d wear any of them any day.

Please do share you’re thoughts , l would love to know what you think :)

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