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Raishma's Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

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 Raishma & Sara at East Shopping Centre in Green Street

Raishma & Sara at East Shopping Centre in Green Street

It's hard to find decent eastern western flavour sarees, churidar suits and kameezes even when you 'Google it'. And it made me think, you ladies must be having the same problems so knowledge with years of hunting l thought it's best l share and help you ladies.

l understand most you ladies must be looking for a new wardrobe for summer, Eid or party wear for special occasions but your too busy to search and don't know where to search. Oh and when you do search you come across the typical, traditional and boring garments you would not be seen died in. As a result, l went over to check out an everyday and party British Asian summer trends from Raishma Couture's latest collection.

Some of you may remember l blogged about Raishma Couture's pop up shop in Shoreditch last year and with a new store opening in East Shopping Centre Raishma invited me to join her at her fabulous new boutique. How could l resist when this was a brand l followed when l first started blogging. 

I must add l do prefer visiting stores even though Raishma has a online shop as it makes a nice change from viewing the clothing online and not being able to touch, feel or tickle my senses. Don't get me wrong Raishma's site it better than most Asian online clothing stores l come across, on the other hand it's nice to see the suits in person as in most cases the images rarely to the clothing justice, particularly with Raishma's dazzling collection. 

Everyday Summer Fashion Must-haves

You all know how much l love my everyday fashion so l picked some of my top summer buys at Raishma Couture;

  1. Middles-Eastern Kaftan's are perfect for your Summer closet - a staple as we peek into the British hot summer. 
  2. Eastern and western runways having been trending on creams and collar blouses. Raishma deliver runway trends, l present to you the collar blouse kaftan!
  3. Floral sarees have been seen at Lakme Fashion Week and if you're looking for a trendy saree for this Summer look no further.

And the other hot picks included teal embroidered churidar dress. It's perfect if you're going to a birthday or dinner party. 

Top Tips for Special Occasions

Eid will be cropping up very soon and the season of weddings don't stop when it comes to Asians so l thought l would share some of the party pieces on offer.

Raishma's top tips are;

  1. Beads, sequins and subtle style are key.
  2. For wedding invites to be elegant you don't need the typical Asian clothes but long gowns are a must!
  3. Seen on the western runway but now Raishma brings symmetrical patterns dresses with a unique modern eastern twist.

The collections focus on this season's creams and shades of pastel; although classic gold and touches silver are still in the Raishma's wardrobe.  

Whether it's a dress for a special occasion such as Eid, Diwali or wedding Raishma Couture caters for all most occasions. 

For those of you like me who prefer sleeves, not to worry Raishma's got you covered. Most garments come with sleeves - all suits with sleeves are mentioned within the description of the garment on

I particularly loved the unique boutique touches in the East Shopping Centre store. Even if you're just window shopping l would recommend visiting as you never know when you may need a suit. It's great as even if you can't pop to Green Street you can always just buy online and you will know what you expect when it comes to elements such as style, size and quality. 

Watch out for me wearing Raishma's kaftan on what l wore blog to follow tomorrow!

Raishma online clothing store & website:
Address: Unit 33, East Shopping Centre, 232 - 236 Green Street, London, E7 8LE 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.