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Sana Safinaz Silk Collection at Henna Mehndi

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The blog promises to bring you everyday elegant Indian & Pakistani clothing with a western modern fusion. And l have spotted a flavour of that in a shop when l visited Green Street.

Henna Mehndi’s shop window always entices me in to their shop. Last weekend they had satin silk casual floral fabrics dressed beautifully in the shop window and l didn’t have to think twice but go in.

The service was great as the young lady was helpful but not pushy unlike most Asian shops and was more than happy to get the get us the last fabric on the mannequin. 

When l reached home l wanted to see what other similar fabrics they had online. Sadly, they didn’t have the floral fabric l spotted in the shop window however, I found they do silk fabric by designer Sana Safinaz for £79.99.

You may feel it’s expensive for fabric and l wouldn’t disagree as l can buy plain silk for £2.50 a meter in my local Asian fabric shops. Although you have to bare in mind you can’t fabric like the designer silk shown in the photos with designs and patterns already printed on. And you can grab a casual everyday designer garment for £79.99 + £20.00 max (tailoring) = £99.99. Of course tailor rates vary depending on where you live. 

The fabric and prints are garments you could wear no matter where you are going and the colours are too garish or christmas tree bright. Its perfect for British Asian fashion.

I’d highly recommend keeping an eye on Henna Mehndi as l always spot some gems now and again. I love their casual silk collections, it’s something new slightly western and modern fabrics that many Asian shops don’t offer.

Just two disappointing things l noticed on their site… 

The banner on the homepage states ‘25% off All items*’ - read the small print. Only 5 items out of 100+ garments and fabrics on offer and sadly, its even with the small print it’s misleading. l wouldn’t suggest promoting offers if it’s less than a quarter of your stock being sold online.

Plus l’m upset that l haven’t received a reply online or Facebook in regards to a fabric question, so I would suggest popping into the store. 

I’m not having a pop at Henna Mehndi but l rather be honest and true to my readership. I usually don’t write about outlets who are unprofessional or have garments my readers won’t like or fit in the Sara K western & eastern fashion image. Henna Mehndi are an exception so l love to include them in the blog as on the whole the products and service are better than most Asian outlets. Overall, Henna Mehndi is a breath of fresh air and l would recommend popping into the store.

Updated 3/11/2014 - I have a response from Henna Mehndi! Thanks for clarifying the points above Henna Mehndi.

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