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Sara at The Ramadan & Eid Imani Studio fashion event

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The Sara K Asian fashion blog is always updated with the latest Asian fashion events l attend in Britain. And this weekend Sid and me l went to Imani Studio Ramadan and Eid event. For those of you who don’t know Sid is my big sister, an Asian fashion fanatic mentioned in my story. 

For those of you who are not aware Imani Studio, they are based in Manchester and it’s a Pakistani designer boutique. Imani Studio stock well-known Asian designers such as, Maria B and HSY.

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Every year Imani come down to London (at least 2-3 times a year) to share their collections with all us Londoners and British Asians in the South East and this time round it was at Hilton’s Edgware Road.

Imani Studio was one of the reason’s my perception of Asian fashion started changing when l was younger. I was bored of seeing traditional salwaar kameez, Asian suits and once l saw Imani Studio’s collection online l started realising there was so much more to Asian fashion than l expected. 

l had merely touched the surface, hence the British Asian fashion blog you see today. As l am sure many of you feel the same and want elegant, sleek and trendy fashion for the modern woman.

I loved that Imani Studio gave British Asian fashion industry a fresh look and were digitally advance with a better customer journey on their site than other Uk Asian sites l had visited or should l say non-existent sites.

When l found out they were coming to London l wanted to take a look for myself and check out some Eid (special occasions) and casual fashion for all my readers. And Sid was looking to find someone for a special occasion which was cropping up at the end of the year and found two outfits below, the left one was slightly big but gives you an idea of the fashion. It was panelled embroidered net print in sections.

Then she tried on a trendy blue and silver dress jacket with silver detailing jacket which looked much better in person. I really need to invest in a new portable yet professional camera asap so l can share HQ photos with you all.

A casual trend l keep noticing at fashion shows and events is jumpsuits with jackets and when l say jumpsuits l mean with palazzo style trousers with an elasticated waist. I was in luck as Imani Studio stocked a Maria B jumpsuit with subtle detailing and light weight   jacket style piece to company it.

In addition, there were various combinations and styles you could pick from from floral embroidered (image 1 below), pale pink and purple anarkali boarders or a blue and jewelled golden ensemble paired with an embroidered neckline.

The prices range from £50 for casual Asian clothing and £175 for party wear and went up to  £299 for special occasion events. However, understandably prices can increase much higher if you pick a designer such as, award winning Pakistani fashion label HSY.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, don’t worry Imani sell online but if your like me and like to see fashion in person they will be back in London later on in the year.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.