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Sara K Blog Partners Pakistan Fashion Week London PFW7 & PFW8

Sara KPFW7

Any organisation that tries to make a change in the British Asian fashion industry has my full support and Riwayat, Pakistan Fashion Week London (PFW7) organisers are one group. I have been following the team since l started blogging in the beginning of 2014 and l was ecstatic to hear we will be partners of PFW7 and PFW8.

l attended early this year as a journalist for The Asian Today PFW6 and to be honest l expected it to be like every other fashion show - which l was sick of attending. I wanted to see everyday British Asian fashion fusion, something we aren’t getting in the UK. I was feeling frustrated; even Pakistan and India were producing better on trend everyday fashion but I was pleasantly supraised to see the organisers e.g. Adnan Ansari and his team delivering something different to UK Asian fashion industry.

Pakistan is slowly emerging as a big player in the South Asian fashion scene. And organisations such as, Riwayat (organisers of Pakistan Fashion Week London) are bringing the designers to the UK.

British Asian fashion is living in the dark ages of fashion and we need to start doing something about it before we isolate ourselves. Especially seen as statistics show by 2051 20% of Britain’s population will be of ethnic minority. The fashion scene needs to take examples from India and Pakistan and quickly get with the times. Thanks to Riwayat we have a glimmer of hope!

PFW7 brings some of the best Pakistani fashion designers and models over from Pakistan to showcase their exquisite fashion talents and you even get the chance to BUY their exclusive collections. Yes, purchase straight after you have seen it on the runway and prices to vary for pret e.g. £40 - £285* (prices vary*.) For example, I scoped up a 2 piece on trend spring  and summer chiffon suit for only £80. And the models are the ones you normally catch on the Asian TV channels! We can finally see what the garments will sit and really look on our Asian skin tones and not on unrealistic stick thin models.

Another fact you may not know is Pakistan Fashion Week London is great for not only bridal but more for party wear and not to forget to mention EVERYDAY fashion aka Pret! Suits and garments you can jazz up with accessories and dress down for an evening in with the family but still feel great. 

Did you know in most cases the collections are created specifically for Pakistan Fashion Week London and that doesn’t happen in most Asian fashion shows or shops l go to. Normally it’s no trends or new collections but just shifting old stock to keep a float. I don’t know about you but l want the latest fashion trends l can dress up or dress down! 

All of the team and volunteers work extremely hard and l am looking forward to PFW7.  

It’s your perfect opportunity to see the latest trends up close, be inspired and have a great fashion packed day out. 

It’s a fashion show not to be missed!

Join me and say hello!!! The tickets are half-price for a limited time only. Buy tickets here > 

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