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Shoes, shoes & more shoes! My Shopping Secrets

TrendsSara K

After publishing my Paul Smith chappal blog, l thought why not feature some sexy shoes for all the ladies as normally get friends, family and followers asking me'where can l find…' questions. A popular question is 'where can l find some elegant high heels for a decent price Sarah' as they need for Eid, weddings or special occasions. Most Asians find it hard to find a elegant pair of shoes they can rock out with their western dresses and Asian outfits e.g. salwaar kameez.

Well, no need to fear SARA is here :) One of the shop’s l would highly recommend is TK Maxx. I know most people hate it as their perception is, its like Primark and mad sale shopping experience. I totally understand and personally l dislike that type of shopping experience myself, l avoid Primark (unless l need lots of under garments if you know what l mean). However, TK Maxx is more of a secret sample sale, its organised and you just have to flick through clothes on the rail. Ok so you have to do a bit of work BUT once you find a gem you’ll know and no one else will have it! TK Maxx are great for one off pieces, so you won’t be looking like your cousin Sonia ;)

TK Maxx shoes

As of yet I haven’t been to any TK Maxx with clothes hanging down and messy area’s like most shops. 70% of the TK Maxx’s l’ve been to l normally see TK Maxx Sales Assistants on the shop floor working hard, putting clothes out and keeping it tidy. They honestly do a great job and TK Maxx are picking the right people when hiring!

l popped in to my local TK Maxx in Luton this week. No your not going blind the shelves are full and neat in my photos above :D I found shoes by Guess, Nina West, Dune and Office! They had all popular sizes 4, 5 and 6! Nude, black and gold. And the photos taken are only of 10% of the stock of Luton shoes section.

It depends which TK Maxx you go to… I’ve visited quiet a few from TK Maxx in Luton, Watford, Brent Cross, Milton Keynes, Reading to areas in London and l’m still adding to my collection. I must say every TK Maxx has different stock and specialise in various areas. For example. from my experience Brent Cross is great for men’s and women’s fashion - they have large areas dedicated to clothes and higher end bags. Luton (pics above) is an all rounder as they were great for bags but right now l’m seeing they are good for clearance home wear. Milton Keynes is a good one for shoes and accessories.

It all depends on when you go to TK Maxx and the SECRET is just popping in every now and again when your near one. If you see something you love, don’t expect it to be there in the next few days - l recommend you buy it! Or someone else WILL snap it up. Sales Assistants are putting stock out everyday and once its gone - its gone! You can always return, its a new 28 days policy now.

Oh and if you’re thinking forget popping in l’ll just go online. Sorry guys but l find TK Maxx online doesn't stock the same items as what’s in store, items sell out quicker online so its always worth a peek in store.

Just to add, I watched documentaries on BBC and Channel 4 about TK Maxx and their misleading prices. As long as your not going in label greedy thinking its last seasons items for less but just love fashion and want to be unique in what you wear, you will love TK Maxx.

I hope all these tips and hints help. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose :)

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