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Southall fashion trends SS14

TrendsSara K

This would not be a British Asian fashion blog without mentioning a well-known British Asian high street located in London, Southall Broadway.

In January l blogged about Green Street so how could l not visit or blog about Southall. Did you know more people search about Southall on Google than Green Street. If you ask me for my honest opinion, both have something different to offer. Southall may have similar clothes in many of its shops but there are lots of shops to pick from.

Asian Shopping in London's Southall

Southall has less boutiques and more affordable party, every day and casual fashion. Don’t get me wrong, Southall has bridal outlets, approximately 10 bridal boutiques. However, you also have many shops that sell party wear, scarves, jewellery and accessories shops to pick from. What l particularly love about Southall and what makes it unique is the Asian bazaars in Southall, accessories, clothing and scarves indoor market style all in one. I would say Southall has over 8 bazaars on Southall Broadway street itself. It’s like being in a smaller version of India and Pakistan.

I visited Southall in early March and decided to give you a look into the Spring 2014 fashion on offer in Southall. 

Amnor had some colourful diamanté detailing churidar suits and salwaar kameez. I liked the fact that they had salwar kameez you could wear casually to a dinner party or meal out or even a meal in the house with Sid if your like me ;) I don’t see her much but when l do l prefer to dress for the occasion. 

My two favourite’s had to be the lime and purple due of the diamanté detailing and it’s ideal for Eid. As some ladies don’t like to wear bold and brass outfits for Eid, for instance Sid loves to wear subtle but detailed in parts. I like to wear one of my own creations aka whatever looks nice with jewels :)

You can find Amnor in the market next to Monga’s entrance. 

Ehsans Asian Shopping in London's Southall

Ehsan is a fairly new shop Sid spotted on the main road. The velvet kurtas in the window mannequins enticed me in. I was happy to see the collection has varied Asian dresses inspired by Indian and Pakistani fashion designers. A large variety of colours, designs and trends but not too much that it drowned the quality of the pieces.

Sid couldn't help herself and after a lengthy deliberation she purchased an everyday velvet trouser suit (left) but it had chiffon velvet polka dott suit with a silver detachable brooche on the middle of the dress.

The owner of the shop advised us they would soon have an online store very soon. He wanted to make sure it was professional, simple and unique experience for his customers. So watch out!

New Rainbow Asian Shopping in London's Southall

I had to include this gem, New Rainbow Textiles - its a family and friends favourite for loose fabrics. They offer a wide range of fabrics from silks to patterned and suits in all different designs and colours.

Their window display is always immaculate and flooded my mind with inspirational ideas. The window’s also great for people like Sid who can’t imagine what the fabric will look like when its made, which fabrics to buy as a suit and what could work.

Even though it is fairly more expensive than other fabric shops you know whatever you buy you can create into a beautifully tailored creation and a classic piece for years to come. Your bound to find something you love.

If your looking for traditional Asian clothing or just want to experience the British Asian lifestyle - you have to visit Southall. Whether you hate it or love it, you have to admit its truly different and special environment. You have live and breathe a bit of South Asian life in London. 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.