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The Brow Blog Post, The Changing Faces of Sara

Sara K
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A British Asian fashion blog is incomplete without discussing the full fashion look from clothes, accessories to make-up. Also it includes beauty regimes such as, eyebrow threading - it’s an Asian must! Plus it’s a topic l know you ladies would love to read more about. I’ve even included exclusive Sara K before and after eyebrow pics too (my crazy bushey boy brows over the years) showing you the real Asian blogger behind this fashion blog ;)

Brows are a big deal for Asians; most of us religiously maintain our eyebrows by threading and plucking as apart of our weekly er no, hold on daily beauty ritual. Just to clarify l’m not a beauty/cake it on kinda girl however, l believe in enhancing your natural beauty. In other words not crazy think layers of make-up hence you have to maintain your face as it is. If you do, trust me you don’t need layers of make-up. And that’s were threading brows comes in, as brows not only frame our face but give you that flawless neat look. 

Even a-list celebrates from Hollywood & Bollywood are in on the act for example celebs such as, Angelina Jolie and Kareena Kapoor get their brows professionally threaded. In the western world, it’s the biggest hidden beauty secret.

Experts believe threading originated in India thousands of years ago and spread throughout Asia, the Middle East more recently in Europe. As a result, over the last couple of years eyebrow bars have cropped up on British high street and town centres. Nower days l commonly see Asian expert beauticians threading women’s brows from all different backgrounds.

I had some whooper brows when l was younger. l blam my Dad, the hairy genes gave me extra hair on my face :D They were bushy monsters, like something you would find on a male. Ok they weren’t as bushey but they were thick. As a result, over the years my brows have been all sorts of shapes but nothing l was truly happy with (photos below). Even on my graduation l eye shadowed them in and was worried they were too dark but l spent nearly half an hour on them so they were perfect. Extreme l know, now you feel my pain - brows are the last thing you want to be worrying about on a special occasion. 

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A few weeks ago l just had enough and over the weekend I went to the beauticians to get my eyebrows threaded for the first time in my life, yes at the age of 24 :) You may ask why l didn’t go earlier in life? Well, l didn’t think they were bad however, for a beauticians or beauty fan they weren’t perfect and would not have met their standards. Plus l’d see my sister’s brow, they were too thin and for me it created a certain image l wasn’t a fan of. Furthermore, l would go with my sister to the beauticians when l was 18 and the environment put me off. I would see females with what l called ‘processed’ look and for some odd reason l just wasn’t a fan. Everyone was self-obsessed, it reminded me of high school and negative connotations came to mind. I’ve always been a follower of true beauty and l didn’t want want l call… processing.


Furthermore, I liked to keep natural and they were in fashion on the western catwalks for example, well-known model Cara Delevingne has big brows. I didn’t do thick because of celebs and models l just like being me :) If you don’t know who that is l’m sure most of you have seen her face somewhere –Sid doesn’t understand the natural big eyebrows. 

From doing my research l’ve noticed western runway brows tend to be more natural to compliment the make up and Asian fashion tends to focus on highlighting eyebrows with heavy powerful make-up. 

With Sid being more on the eastern side, Sid kept bugging me to get them done professionally. To be fair l had lost the shape and ruined them slightly to the point l was filling then in the eye shadow and a thin brow brush – you ladies know what l mean ;) Sid finally, twisted my arm, as l was fed up of walking up and always having to spend 5 minutes making my brow look presentable. Plus l won’t lie l was actually looking forward to finally getting my brows done professionally. 

Before the beautician started I informed her the shape l preferred and she kept requesting to take a look and asking if l thought my brows were ok which was comforting. My sister warned me of the pain, l just kept thinking no pain no gain. I did have a few teardrops even though it wasn’t too painful. It was over within a matter of minutes. Once done, they felt sensitive and looked odd at first. They seemed to perfect however, l did have a good beautician who listened to my request. Sadly she had to pluck away more to make my brows even as l had over plucked in areas of one of the brows.

The threading was done only for £2, yes £2!!!! Great beauty parlour in Luton, l’ll be a regular for a ‘neaten’ up. So here are my new eye brows… by the way, l do love fulling silly faces but this time l did it because you can see what they look like with a different expression ;)

It's great as l can wear no make-up most days and finally not have to worry about my brows. I don’t know why l didn’t do it before, l feel like a new woman :P I definitely would like to grow them thicker :S because of my bigger eyes l think it will compliment my face better. We will have to see how l get on.

It’s Thursday and l have not touched my eye brows. The experts are right, when threading they don’t grow back as quick. I think l need to get them threading my upper lip and chin area. However l don’t think l could let my upper hair lip grow :D l will be making threading a beauty must with my non-existent beauticians regime - l wonder what other magic they can do ;)

l would recommend threading! The precision is great! My best advice would be to do what makes you feel comfortable. Go with a good beauticians who understands what you want rather than the fashion and she will give your brows the shape which suit your face. 

Please feel free to share your brow stories, old pics and thoughts on brows or threading. 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.