RunwaySara K

The dupatta transformed into a cape

RunwaySara K

If you give an Asian a piece of fabric, we use it as a nice and simple dupatta. If you give a western designer the same they create a lavish cape. 

In Asian culture we traditionally see dupattas worn over shoulders or just being draped across the body. Just take a look at the wonderful creations made by Ellie Saab and other well-known western designers. Even on the 2014 runway shows we saw more capes. 

I must add the dupatta shouldn’t be mistaken for a headscarf that is worn for religious reasons but a dupatta is worn as cultural fashion. 

I am fascinated by the Asian dupatta, when l first started blogging l posted new ways to wear the dupatta a blog to inspire readers.

The western designers have transformed what we usually see as a jacket and dupatta and turned into a luxurious cape with a difference of course, not like Red Ridding Hood midi cape with a hood. Instead the western fashion designers designed capes that are seamlessly incorporated it into their fashion in return giving it a fashion WOW factor. 

At British Asian Fashion Week, it was refreshing to see a chiffon cape attached to the back of the dress.

Essentially, it’s a piece of fabric that will be attached to my top as a dupatta or scarf sits. The look is for the modern day female superwoman, empowering and I love it.

I’m intrigued cultures and countries across the world do something different with fabric, call the piece of fabric something different, they wear it differently. That’s the beauty of fashion; everyone expressed themselves in their own ways. 

It’s time us British Asians were innovative and expressed ourselves with our fusion fashion.

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