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The latest fashion trends this Eid 2014

RunwaySara K

Published by: The Asian Today, July 2014

With Eid drawing closer if you’re not thinking about your Eid outfit, why not? Even though it may seem far, it’s not and you don’t want to be stressing with the Eid rush and tailors saying he’s fully booked till after Eid. it’s an Asian thing, we don’t tend to prepare till the last minute but how can we expect to look great? Well, if you need some advice or just a point in the right direction l’m here to help. 

In the last year l’ve been checking out the latest fashion on the runways and l’ve compelled the latest fashion trends this Eid just for all you readers!

Whether your Eid outfit is going to be ready-made or tailor made things are changing in the Asian fashion scene in Britain. Women don’t want to look like a traditional Christmas trees during Eid anymore. They want practical party fashion they can wear when visiting family during Eid but also wear down during special occasion such as, an evening out with friends to a nice restaurant.

We all want that classic, elegant and graceful look we see on the Asian fashion designer runway on especially on special occasions. I’m talking about the type of fashion that gets heads turning – mostly clothing only featured in fashion shows.

And if you want the high fashion designer look this Eid the secret most Asians forget subtly is key – all you need is focal points on your outfit and accessorise! For example, as seen on Indian and Pakistani fashion weeks long patterned jackets with plain blouses and subtle trousers are in. The plain trousers and blouse act as a blank canvas whilst the jacket creates a focal point to spice up the outfit and add matching accessorises for the WOW factor.

Another option is a trend l saw during Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi where designers showed us how to wear classic white, gold and silver outfit. The collections mixed different white textured fabrics and they added gold or silver detailing on the salwaar and kameez was subtler plain white fabric and anarkali style jackets.  If you don’t want to rely on accessories just add a heavy patterned dupatta.

If your thinking of wearing a saree this Eid be unique, l would suggest mixing patterns on the blouse and plain saree with contrasting boarder. Why not try netted or crochet saree blouses, which will be a classic wardrobe must rather than a seasonal trend. Yes, the image of sarees is changing – less traditional more modern elegance!

For all my hijabi sisters, if you’re looking for a hijab fashion outfit the timeless black and gold arab look doesn’t ever go out of fashion. At The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 I loved the heavy long goldy and black crochet textured jacket with a gold shiny dress and matching headscarf. All you need to do is add gold diamante jewellery and your ready for Eid! 

Other recommendations for Eid or any special occasions include long dress style jackets with fitted plain trousers. And I can’t forget to mention is my Pakistan Fashion Week 6 London favourite - flowly dresses with contracting boarder panels and beaded detailing on the neckline.

What’s IN & What’s OUT!

  • Loose flowy dresses are IN 
  • Tight fitted dresses are OUT
  • Mid-length hemline is IN, not too long and not too short
  • Loose dresses with fitted sleeves are IN
  • Bright garish colours are OUT and pastel colours are IN
  • Tailoring (fit and cut) is KEY!


People tend to forget how important accessorizing is – you need the perfect jewellery, shoes and a clutch or bag to match your outfit! It really does complete the look and if done well it can give your outfit the WOW factor. 

The secret is to imagine of the complete outfit - know the look your trying to achieve. Anyone can wear a dress but only a few can pull is off and make it look AMAZING so give it some thought. 

And follow us on our blog for more ideas and trends to create that WOW factor this Eid! 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.