Sara K

The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 is coming soon!

Sara K

In the beginning of April about Social Media & Self Esteem; I touched upon the negatives of social media and how it can affect us women. It was disheartening to see women not supporting or helping each other in their work or personal lives. 

In the blog, one of my tips was to surround yourself with positive people and networks that would motive, empower and inspire you. Well recently I’ve been connecting with some inspirational women on Twitter and came across some fantastic events for women. And The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 is a perfect example of a team of individuals delivering extraordinary and credible events to a niche Asian market in the UK. It’s much needed and well over due - we need women to get together, share their experiences and celebrate our hard work. 

I love that an event such as, The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 takes place every year and encompasses the best of British Asian women in the event. The team at Saverah work very hard to cater to our needs and give us ladies a great day out. It sounded like a perfect recipe for a great day out to me and made me want to attend. Where else can you find motivational talks especially applicable for Muslim Women? Whether you’re a mum, sister, wife, daughter or business women we should celebrate how far we’ve come as British Muslim women! 

It's an exciting time for Muslim women as fashion business booms, we will see the Muslim fashion trends first hand and especially seen as there's no other event like it in the UK. 

Plus there will be fashion stalls so just before Ramadan starts you can prepare for Eid rather than rushing during Ramadan when your busy catering for family, don’t have any time for yourself and just exhausted!

The organisers, Saverah have exclusively shared with us the designers showcasing at The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 and they are as follows;

  • Sri Munawwarah Design
  • Khimar
  • Aroush
  • Asian Designers
  • Musleena 
  • Bunow Designs
  • The Hijab Closet
  • Fatoni Dontaigne
  • Nahara
  • Modestly Vain
  • An Nisa

This is a wonderful mix of Islamic fashion inspired labels who will be showing off their collections.

The event includes a fashion show, inspirational talks, fashion stalls to do early Eid shopping, opportunity to network and a 3-course luxury dinner! Women from all walks of life are more than welcome. 

This is the event to attend if you want to do your Eid shopping early or if you want to check out hijab fashion. There isn’t many large events like this in the UK, so l recommend us ladies make the most of it. Get your husband to look after the kids, bring your mum and friends along.

As an official Partner Blogger we will be reporting live from the event but we hope you join us for the latest Islamic fashion in Britain.  

The Urban Muslim Woman Show is on Saturday, 14th June 2014 (4pm onwards) at the versatile yet contemporary Novetel London West Hotel. If you need any more information on location or how to get there, please feel free to contact me.

For more information or to book tickets, please visit or view the event brouchure here >

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.