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Valentine’s day accessorising

TrendsSara K

Hey Beautiful People,

Firstly, happy Valentine’s Day! Even though l don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, l believe every day should be Valentines Day and loving everyone around you from family, friends to the wonderful people in your life however cheesy l may sound. Anyway yes, so l do love dressing for special occasions and love playing with fashion - coming up with different fashion ideas. So l put this blog together to inspire everyone to accessorise this Valentine’s Day! 

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I thought l would work with the traditional Valentine’s Day colour - red. It’s one of my favourite colours and it works with most skin tones. Of course a bit of red in the fashion palette brings out the beauty. 

I started with a plain silky red top that l brought from Mango for only £19.99 and normally pair it with my black and white printed LV scarf. Normally white and black compliment red best but you can always play around and test what looks best on you. 

As you all know l love my waist belts so l decided to wear a long black skirt and it looked too dull and boring as a result l added a suede and gold detailed waist belt. That extra detailing gives the outfit character and I’m sure you will agree unlike before the outfit stands out.

Most of my friends and family aren’t fans of waist belts as they don’t suit their body shape and if your not a fan of wearing scarves l have an alternative - you can’t go wrong with jewellery.

My personal preference on red has always been gold, l don’t know why but there’s something elegant and sophisticated about gold and red. However if you use white and red - l would suggest silver jewellery as silver compliments white better than gold. 

Hey, if your spontaneous like me why not go crazy and try some red trousers! I was reluctant to buy some red trousers but they looked fantastic on red and my plain cream jumper. 

Valentines day make up

P.S. If you don’t have any red items, go black with gold detailing, smoky eye make-up and add colour with sexy red lipstick. My top tip for fabulous fuller lips is lip liner and a beautiful red shade which suits your skin tone.

Just have a play around, l’m sure you’ll look fantastic whatever you decide :)

I hope that helps. Enjoy and have a lovely Valentines Day!

Love Sarah xxx

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