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The Modern Mona Lisa Portrait - Contouring Craze

Sara K

Recently I've been carrying out some research on beauty and reviewing beauty tutorials (as you do). And l came across a well-known UK Asian fashion and beauty icon promising to demonstrate her everyday makeup routine. I was excited, l thought finally l can show Asian's how to look naturally beautiful and everyday make-up which is non-existent in the British Asian fashion industry. 

As l started to watch the video a stunning fresh faced natural beauty demonstrated how in a few seconds you could look like a fake version of something you find photo edited in a magazine. My jaw dropped, my eyes widened and l was astonished as l watched the transformation! The foundation was caked on and in two minutes the icon was three shades lighter and far from what she started. My heart dropped, it not only disheartened me but made me think no wonder girls are looking like Christmas trees and attracting the wrong type of attention. 

Contouring Craze

Even the new craze of contouring has driven woman down this 'cake it' route. Celebrities such as, Kim Kardashian can't be seen without all the make-up and now all the girls are at it. If you don't know what l mean, just look as the before and afters of the celebs and models on the left. Most of the women look so different and fake as it isn't really them but all that make-up. It's a real life Photoshop job.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for building self-confidence, but surely it's about harnessing what you have and not colouring in. And ladies you can still contour, enhance your features and look natural.  

Where Are All The Real Women? 

These images are not real women, it's not everyday make-up. It's bridal, weddings, editorial and filming makeup. I'm not a hater, I'm a fan of this UK Asian celebrity and she's naturally beautiful but frustrated at the typical look celebs are promoting, which influence young girls. Surely celebs should be role models, beacons of light beyond deceiving with fake beauty promotion. 

Let's be realistic who has time to cake on make-up and look like a fruit cake in Britain? We are working women, housewives or entrepreneurs and when we're working hard in the office, going to study, taking the kids to school or sitting at home after a long day cleaning after the family we barely get time for ourselves let alone make-overs. And secondly why are we promoting that certain look we see everywhere on social media, which will affect the younger generation. I remember publishing a blog post on ladies with low self-esteem due to social media and we have a duty to empower women beyond excessive caked on beauty looks. 

Furthermore, I read a recent report about a large percentage of women surveyed admitted to wearing makeup with their partners and rarely seen with no makeup. You're going for the wrong men if a man won't appreciate you for who you are under all that make-up.

Sara Does Natural Meets Cakey

I tried a more natural caked on look. Even with a natural-ish look l was frustrated as it reminded me of the fake look Kim Kardashian goes for and l certainly wouldn't want to be compared to her so l went for a make-under. I protested by taking the make-up off and sharing the photo reel.

 My Natural-ish Contouring Make-Under!

My Natural-ish Contouring Make-Under!

For a good balance, I'd certainly advise trying natural contouring techniques it for special parties, big events and weddings but it's certainly not everyday make-up and it should not to labeled 'every day.' And make sure the husband/future hubby knows the real you! 

 Mona Lisa's  Before & After  Make-Over 

Mona Lisa's Before & After Make-Over 

21st Century Mona Lisa

When searching the topic, I came across Mona Lisa and what she would look like in the 21st century. Well, after a make-over with all the make-up/contouring and it made me appreciate the golden age where everyone was natural! The natural beauty didn't stop her from being a well-known global icon. It's amazing how society and media changed times. 

'caked or not caked you don't know what idiots lurking out there so never walk alone and be safe'

You want people to love you for who you are, your abilities, skills, brains not your looks as us ladies are worth more.

We are capable of more so think out of the box, be different and reach higher heights!

P.s. When contouring and looking fab be wary of pervy, stalky weird men if you do 'cake it' on! If your alone or with the ladies on your travels, remember to grab a jacket so you can cover up your hidden treasures. Caked or not caked you don't know what idiots lurking out there so be safe and never walk alone ;) 

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine, as much as I loved sharing the hidden fashion gems and supporting women promoting their fashion business. I'm always on the lookout for inspirational women running or thinking of starting up a fashion business. If you're one, please get in touch and you can join me at one of my exclusive meetups for women with fashion businesses.