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Zara brings Asian fashion to the British High Street

TrendsSara K

As most of you know, this Asian fashion blogger likes to be out and about - checking out the latest British Asian fashion news and fashion.

When l was at Faisana Fashion Weekend yesterday, l thought how can l come London and not go Oxford Street for a spot of fashion trend browsing OR should l say buying ;)

As Zara was next to the underground station l had to pop in and look what l found… you may not be able to see in the images but the first blue garment was a cross between thorb that the Arab men wear in the Middle East and with kurtha slits (symbolic Asian chalk) on the sides the dress was very similar to a shalwaar/salwaar kameez design. The fabric was viscose/linen, which Asian’s are familiar with and won’t be disappointed if they are purchasing. 

Zara brings Asian fashion to the British High Street.jpg

The red dress looks like a blouse with collars but after examining close up, it was a long length kurtha most Asian’s wear and it was longer from the back by a few inches and shorter at the front but same length as a Pakistani fashion week kurtha’s on the Asian runways. 

The third kurtha was similar to the red due to the collar and sleeves design however, l was supraised to see the slits (chalk) on the sides again with rounded edges EXACTLY like what we see in Pakistan and India fashion trends. 

Finally, Asian fashion is mainstream fashion this season in the UK and on the British high street thanks to Zara. In the past, I’ve seen Asian inspired fashion dresses, tops and jewellery in high street outlets but on this occasion Zara’s garments were too identical not to mention on my British Asian fashion blog. Sid would be excited and proud!

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